Running Darktable in Windows 10

Just saw this tutorial on how to run Darktable in Windows 10. Hopefully this helps those who want to try Darktable in Windows.

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Don’t come complaining about bugs then. We consider this to be a terrible solution. Instead you could wait a bit as we are working on something better.


Careful - this is how rumors start! :slight_smile:

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Checking the git log does not exactly feel like a rumor. But evidence will not be available before Christmas ;-).

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Will it be rumored to run portably like RT? :sweat_smile:

I don’t know how RT runs on Windows, I can just tell you about the current state for darktable: We have an installer which installs it (duh) so it’s not really portable. But you can also put the whole shebang in a ZIP file and unzip it anywhere. That should be able to run, too. It still writes config files to your user’s directory, so I am not sure if that counts as “portable”.

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Hi all, I have downloaded the installer but i can run it because I don’t have admin rights?
How can i extract the data and use dt without admin rights?

Thanks for your help

You need admin rights to install software.

I gave him a .zip with the install directory. If that works out we might provide those along the .exe installers for releases.

Hmm, libgphoto2 won’t work as it requires environment variables, but thats maybe limited to tethering and camera import, if Andy is willing to try, lets see how standalone would work.

It worked. So as a fallback I might consider adding those in the future.

Where can I get the zip file? I usually run dt2.4 on Arch and no issues there but occasionally I’m at work on a Win7 box without admin rights and would like to occasionally fire dt up there as well…

The github release page has them now.

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Awesome! Thanks a mil. Still prefer running it in Arch though…can’t get used to the Windows way of managing files.