Save for web plugin equivalent Gimp 2.10

I just Installed Gimp 2.10 and trying to get it to work for my needs, and as I feared some plugins don’t work. Save For Web for example, perhaps iit’s because I installed a 64 version of Gimp 2.10

I am not sure of what to do, if I should install a 32 bit version instead or does anyone knows of a plugin similar to Save For Web that will work with Gimp 2.10 64?

Thank you in advance.

BTW The new Gimp is awesome:)

It looks like a compiled plugin, so someone will probably need to update the plugin for 2.10.

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Thank you @paperdigits, hopefully it will be available soon. I really prefer not to use other software to optimize my images for the web, and do it with Gimp.

Save for web was sort of just a shortcut for:

  • resize to a web appropriate output size
  • save as jpeg

Perhaps it can be done in an SCM file easier.


And @paperdigits already pointed out, there really wasn’t anything special the plugin was doing that you couldn’t do with the native functionality of GIMP.


Maybe @Pantua needs help on which settings to use.

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Thank you @paperdigits @patdavid. Just a couple of days ago I was thinking about that. Looking at the Export / Advanced Options there’s a saving quality control for JPG. Which I guess is the same as what Save For Web does. I knew of that feature for a long time but never really used it for optimizing for web. And now, I don’t know if is a new feature (?) but you can preview the output settings, which is great. The only thing I will miss will be some UI aspects of the SFW plugin but I think the functionality is the same with the advanced saving options of Gimp.

Very happy about that:)

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If I am still missing something or another way to do it please let me know:)

One way I sometimes proceed is to get my image to a state ready to export, then Ctrl-D to duplicate the image. Then I resize as needed, and export to what I want.

If I’m exporting to jpg, I’ll check the box to preview so I can see the filesize, and adjust settings as needed until I’m happy. (I’m usually more worried about filesize when I resize for web, otherwise I’ll just post full-resolution in many cases.)


That’s what I was thinking of doing Pat from now on, but I wasn’t contemplating to duplicate the image beforehand, and with the keyboard shortcut is really easy, very good idea to play it safe:)

Thank you all for your advice and comments :boy:t2: Happy to be a part of this community.

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Save for web clean all metadata in img(exif etc etc), none of advanced options do that. Image size is not the main factor for using the “save for web” plugin, but the possibility to clean up unnecessary data.

I totally agree that if you only save to JPEG that GIMP already has a workable solution for that (spare the observed “clear extra metadata” option, I haven’t found that either). Something I do not see discussed yet though, and am curious if anyone has any solutions as this conversation seems to constantly be the top hit when I search for a workaround, is that Save for Web also did 8-bit PNG in a way that GIMP doesn’t seem to have an interface for.
It seems, if I want to compare options that involve 8-bit PNG, the fastest process without Save for Web is to duplicate the image, play around with indexed mode on one image, start saving that as PNG and make note of the size, go back to the original, compare to what JPEG can achieve with which settings, and then if there’s any question which is going to be better I have to undo and redo the indexing to play around with different options (what happens if I use web colors, what if I do that with dithering, is that more efficient than pick 256 best colors? What if I only really need 8 colors total, how does that compare?).
It would be nice to see a JPEG remove EXIF and stuff saving option, but that really only solves part of the problem. One of the benefits to Save for Web is not only that it elegantly previews JPEG images and removes stuff you typically don’t want to upload, it also lets you jump back and forth between formats and compare output size at relevant settings (so, since it’s assumed you care about file size, several controls that are guaranteed to always hurt file size just aren’t there) between formats.
I have had many cases where this is a vital feature of GIMP that has me wondering what I will do once I move to a *buntu version that doesn’t package 2.8 or older (or once I find a 2.10+ feature I need for something), and it feels like everywhere I see discussions people talk about Save for Web as if it were only about exporting to JPEG. Anyone have any thoughts on rapid comparison between export types and fast/easy toggling of different 8-bit PNG settings?
(I do agree the plugin is ancient and would benefit from replacement. I’d love to see it redone, perhaps with no perpetually disabled JPEG2000, merge the PNG settings together and make the 8-bit a toggle, and maybe add a couple newer formats like WebP into the mix, but I don’t have the coding skills to do that and I don’t know where to find someone who both has that and wants this feature badly enough.)

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