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We talk here about light’s CCT only but there is also CRI. Good quality fluorescent lamp like JUST ProGraphic is x3 more expensive that Philips Graphica. Haven’t seen JUST ProGraphic spectrum but the spectrum of the Philips Graphica have huge spikes. There are also good quality High CRI LEDs from Yuji which are x2 more expensive than JUST and have nice spectrum (prices from - only valid in Poland). Because Yuji LED’s quality and the fact that they have E27 thread they become quite popular.

So my guess is that all of us have different quality lightning and CCT is just one of the factors that influence our perception. Thus our observations may differ.

@Claes can you give a link to those bulbs? I would like to see them :slight_smile:

Update: JUST also has big spikes in spectrum.


There is even different phenomenon (see I use 5000K High CRI LED (Ra >95%). It gives similar tone to D65 calibrated display. The 6500K light would be perceptually cooler than D65 calibrated display due to chromatic adaptation issues, caused by the different way our eyes react to narrow band spectra (like display) and wide band spectra (like daylight) stimuli.



will give you some basic info about what is available here in the Cold North.

Here are some products that are available for photo pros

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Reading through that 2017 thread (so current wrt current lighting products), the second page has a link to a source for high-CRI LEDs. One of the participants said they prefer the 3000K lights over the 4000K lights. Another replaced “4700K Solux w/ their 3500” saying it matches their living room lights better.

One of the participants noted that they dislike the cold appearance of higher-temp lights. I feel the same way. It’s dismally cloudy outside much of the time up here in central NY. Our indoor halogen track lighting makes colors look like summertime - the visual relief from cold winter lighting is very welcome.

I think I’ll try lowering the color temp of my monitor even farther (it’s at 5500K now) next time I calibrate and profile, and maybe make it brighter (currently at around 70cd/m^2). I’m not matching prints to screen, but rather experimenting with matching photographs of paintings (if my scribbles can be dignified with the word “paintings”) produced under incandescent light to the actual paintings under the same light.