Screen magnifier with darktable ?

Because I have poor eyesight I quickly noticed that some darktable YouTube videos appear to have a screen magnifier effect that is especially valuable when it is applied to the modules panel in darkroom. I would like to understand how this is implemented:

On my Linux Mint install that effect is not achieved by the application of desktop zoom in the visual tab of the accessibility option within system setting. That function enlarges an area of the screen uniformly. What I am seeing, on certain YouTube videos, is as if the modules panel alone has become a separate window which is enlarged so that it appears to overlap the centre image display area.

How is that done ?

Perhaps a link to such a video might be helpful? Or you could ask the author of such video’s directly?
Otherwise, it’s going to be guesswork on our part as to what was used in those videos you (don’t) refer to…

i think that might be a feature of whatever screen recording software they have

Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? (Rhetorical question; the answer would probably be embarrassing!)

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Yes; sorry I didn’t do that. Have a look at;

This is a tutorial on how to apply colour contrast, presented by TG Photoblog. At time 12:30, or thereabouts, you can see the colour rbg module dialog expanded and overlapping the image display area.

Ah; so it’s not a feature of darktable? Yet …

Can I have it, please?

This seems to be post processed in a video editing software. It’s not something done in realtime during the recording.

You os should have such functions. It’s quite unlikely a darktable developer will implement display related stuff better controlled by the OS