Shadows / highlights tool

(Morgan Hardwood) #41

@Carmelo_DrRaw that’s a striking difference and a horrible result in the second. However, I’ve never had such a horrible result using enfuse. Perhaps something’s off with the source images?

(Morgan Hardwood) #42

I exported 0EV (for the highlight in the sky), +2EV (for the rest of the sky) and +5EV (for the land).
enfuse 4.2.1-a1fbf734e58a

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #43

In my case I tried to have an even brighter foreground, and that’s where the additional intermediate images play a role. However, repeating the exercise I see that +2EV steps are already good enough…

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #44

You can start a new topic under Play Raw category.

(Andrew) #45

I had a dabble with this using RT 5.4-79 (Dev) from March 22nd, I don’t know if this is the latest Shadows/Highlights code. Was curious to see how well RT might do against Enfuse. Used various tools including S/H. RT only.

I think it did ok!

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #46

@RawConvert what you obtained with RT is definitely quite good, but still has visible halos, particularly along the sea shore. Getting rid of such halos is the name of the game, and in my understanding this requires multi-level decompositions based on edge-aware blur filters (or at least this is the common ground of all the recent literature that I’ve seen).

The challenge is to implement such algorithms such that they work in real time…

(Alberto) #47

@RawConvert the new S/H tool is not in dev (yet…)

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #48

@agriggio @RawConvert if you are using Linux, you can test it via my AppImage packages. I am building the new-shadows-highlights branch daily, and the latest package can be downloaded from here.


And for those using Windows, you will find new-shadows-highlights at

I am not certain if it is a halo or spume forming along the sea shore.:wink:


Thanks @gaaned92 for the builds!

@agriggio, tried the tool on some high contrast images and it works very nicely!
In my opinion a very usefull and powerfull tool and as such a great improvement over the last S/H tool, which in my opinion was almost useless (only after the implementation of the local contrast tool, was it usable…).

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Hi agriggio Alberto

This discussion on S/H is very interesting to follow and check out. But it is not possible for many users to view the video because this type of video file isn’t supported on a Windows 10 pc.
Is it possible to get the video in a Windows compatible format?

(Morgan Hardwood) #52

(Olaf Berthelsen) #53

Hi’ Morgan_Hardwood

Thank you for a (very) quick reply, as always.
Chrome doesn’t play the video. The video is completely blank. But I copied the video address (not possible in Edge) and could view the video in VLC, the most common video player.
What is the best and “fail safe” way to view the videos submitted in this and other discussions?


I’m on Win10 and can play the video in Firefox and MS Edge. I guess there is something wrong with your installation.

(Morgan Hardwood) #55

@obe I’m not familiar with getting verbose log files from Chrome to get more info as to what’s going on, but FWIW the video plays fine here in Chrome 65.0.3325.181 and in Chromium 65.0.3325.146.


here video plays also in Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox.
So as @TooWaBoo suggested surely something wrong


@obe Reset the settings of your browser. I had that problem before but with Firefox. Turns out it was an obscure setting that I enabled or disabled.

(Rick Davis) #58

The one video that is 1:19 I could not watch in full screen. I could watch in normal or zoom mode, but not clicking the full screen button, it would just crash. I tried in Chrome Canary 68.0.3413.0, Chrome 66.0.3359.139, and Edge. None of my browsers could watch the one video in full screen. The other videos in this thread I could watch in full screen.
Thanks to the posters for the hints about the S&H tool.


Re: video. Could be causing the problem? As I implied above, I have no trouble viewing it.

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