Shape tool always has 49% opacity (drawn mask, etc.)

Using DT 4.0.1 on Windows.

When you add a shape, the default opacity is 49%. This happens when adding a drawn mask. Also when adding a shape in retouch.

Odd choice for a default value. 100% opacity would make more sense. I don’t see a way to change this in preferences.

On more than one occasion, I’ve over-done a module because I didn’t realize the mask’s opacity was not 100%.

I sometimes edit using a touchpad (no mouse). Faking the scroll gesture on a touchpad to increase the opacity to 100% is not easy (for me).

Please use the search function of the forum.


At some stage you may have accidently set this. The default is 100%. Besides the obvious slider to set opacity, opacity can be set with ctrl+ scroll and I have previously accidently changed opacity when I meant to do a shift+scroll to change the size of the feathering. However, when I tested on my version of DT and drew a second shape the default returned to 100%, so I am unsure if something else is going on with your system, which I can not replicate. Good luck.