siril 1.1.0 (development): live stack question

I’ve created an issue in our system to not forget this. I think it’s simple enough that we can do it for next big 1.2 release. Thank you


Hello Vincent,
I installed siril 1.1.0 from sources on a linux box.
I got the same behaviour as on my Mac.
I had a look into src/livestacking/livestacking.c and I think in function “file_changed”, the test has to be inverted:

if (!wait_for_file_to_be_written(filename)) {
					gchar *str = g_strdup_printf(_("Could not open file: %s"), filename);
					livestacking_display(str, TRUE);

With this change livestacking is executed, before it issued the message “Could not open file: …” for each file that was added, and no stacking was done.

Kind regards,


Sorry for the delay, I am finally able to confirm the issue you were seeing, “Could not open file”, was there since August 23.
This was easy to fix but due to many changes in Siril’s core since the introduction of live stacking, live stacking is broken in at least another place.
I will try to fix it soon and improve the feature as much as I can in the coming weeks.

Live stacking is back in working condition, with a few new features: shift-only registration, displaying processing time, not starting directly on window open, allowing 16 bits processing (the default).