Siril 1.2.0-rc1

We are pleased to inform you that Siril 1.2.0rc1 is now available, only a few weeks after the release of beta1. Many bugs have been fixed since the previous beta, which makes this new version more stable and reliable. However, we remind you that the release candidate version of the software is an intermediate stage of development that precedes the final version. It should be noted that a release candidate may contain bugs, unfinished features and stability issues.
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Amazing news. Is there a place to notify bugs? everytime I try to unselect the small squares during the background extraction the app crashes. I have a Mac M1


I’m seeing the same, also on Mac M1. I’ve tried different kinds of images (32 bit FITS, raw, jpg) and both RBF and polynomial interpolation, but it’s always the same.

Great job on fixing the incomplete menu display though which was still happening on my external monitor in the beta2. Now it’s working both on the internal and external displays!

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It will be fixed in the next release.

Binning x3 or x5 crashes Siril immediately. Even number binning works fine. This issue was in the previous version as well.

Thx. Will have look

23:24:12: Running command: binxy
23:24:12: Binning x3: processing...
23:24:12: Execution time: 35.41 ms
23:24:12: New image size: 715x476 pixels.

Cannot reproduce right now.

OK, with bin5. Will try to fix it.

Since you mentioned not being able to reproduce, i tested on different images. Seems like 32-bit images are not affected whereas 16-bit images crash with bin x3 or any odd factor.

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Thx a lot for the feedback. Will try to fix it tonight.

Bug found. wIll be fixed in next release.

Hi There,
I am a newbie and when trying to download the new rc1, Kaspersky blocks and reports as a virus ?

Any ideas how to check and resolve.

Block Kaspersky. There’s no virus in the download.

I’m having the same problem on Windows 10. The report is that siril-1.2.0-rc1-setup.exe (windows 64 bit) contains Exploit.Win32.BypassUAC.hdxr, which is a complaint concerning the hacking of Window’s user account control. Kasperski immediately deletes this file.

Before I disable Kasperski altogether, I would appreciate an explanation why this executable contains a UAC exploit.

It doesn’t contain an exploit. This is a false positive by your antivirus software, which has to convince you it is being useful enough for you to continue to pay for it.

If you doubt this, check virus total, a website that’ll check exes for virii.


These AV are a pain in the ass, especially with applications that are not signed…

of course it’s always better to check, if there really was a virus in it we would not know because it would mean someone broke in the server, and you tend to not tell it to the owner when you do that if you want your virus to spread :slight_smile:

The reported all clean (except for Kaspersky of course).

For me, this is the first time in many years that Kaspersky reported a false positive. So as an experiment I disabled Kaspersky just long enough to install Siril. Then I did a comprehensive virus check on the installed software, which resulted in a clean bill of health. I suspect that if there was a virus (and not a false positive), then it must be in the setup/install code, and not the Siril code.

I’m happy that I can run Siril (a truly fantastic app) and Kaspersky all at the same time without problems.