So, darktable it is!

(Glenn) #1

Using version 2:2.4.4-2 on Manjaro-deepin install.

I’ve been going back and forth and trying to establish a workflow for my project from hell, which is just to catch up on all the thousands of photos I need to work through. After testing Digikam, RawTherapee and even LightZone, and in spite of a couple of known bugs (see below) I have finally settled on darktable. A few reasons why, in no particular order:

  1. Tone curve element stays open as I move through photos
  2. Keyboard shortcuts to move back/forward in darkroom mode
  3. Intuitive bulk editing options (metadata, etc.)
  4. Ability to import Lightroom keywords (specifically, world ornithological bird list (10,000+ entries)

The two bugs are known and evidently unlikely to be fixed, but I have decided I can live with/work around them:

  1. Flickr OAuth implementation - no way to upload to Flickr directly until this is fixed.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts are frozen/uneditable. No matter how you change them, they are overwritten the next time you open the app.

So while I’d love to see those fixed, as a non-programmer I’ll just go with what I have. At least the next/previous image shortcuts are space and backspace, instead of multiple-key combos requiring two hands (like RawTherapee). Any way, just glad to feel like I have that part solved so I can quit the testing phase and get on w/ this… :slight_smile:

(Mica) #2

The problem with flickr is that smugmug just changed the login mechanism, which is what broke the plugin. Hopefully smugmug will have something that doesn’t change soon.

(Glenn) #3

I don’t know - I’ve been reading bug reports dating back to last year when Flickr finally turned off their old API. Either way, the OAuth protocol is fairly well established. But then I’m no programmer…

(Rick Scheibner) #4

Don, I use RawTherapee (and I won’t try to get you to switch), but I also use DigiKam for cataloging, organizing and uploading my photos. The latest stable version works just fine and I’ve uploaded to Flickr directly as lately as yesterday. It can also upload to Google Photos, Drive, Dropbox, and a few other online storage locations.


As an additional data point, I am also on Manjaro and I can change keyboard shortcuts and have them persist. Is that true for all keyboard shortcuts?

Did you look at the permissions of the file ~/.config/darktable/keyboardrc

I am running a slightly newer version so I suppose it could have been fixed recently. I feel like I could change them before I switched though.


It is hard to consider Flickr after they changed their rules recently. Instead of 1TB you get 1,000 pictures now. More than half of my pictures are gone from Flickr now. Can’t trust any cloud anymore which is why I moved all my pictures to my own server.

(Roel) #7

This is also possible in RawTherapee from the editor by using F3/F4.

(Tobias) #8

Flickr OAuth implementation - no way to upload to Flickr directly until this is fixed.

You could write a simple Lua script that then sends your images to PhotoTeleport. At the moment you can only add photos via the command line to PhotoTeleport and not select the service. But I think @mardy will improve it over time.
If you have questions about how to write Lua scripts please ask. @wpferguson and I can help you there.

(Alberto Mardegan) #9

I don’t use Darktable myself, but I guess that there might be a way to drag & drop the images into PhotoTeleport? That should be easier than writing a Lua script :slight_smile:

(Glenn) #10

@Rick I’ve settled on simply using the file system and naming schemes for organization. I mayy reconsider if I can streamline the Flickr uploading…

@dalto It is only the shortcuts in darktable that are problematic. I can see darktable overwrite the keyboardrc file every time I open it. I have tried manually editing the keyboardrc and keyboardrc_default files, but darktable overwrites them when I open it. I have tried manually editing the keyboardrc and then importing it. Changes never take effect. If I manually change the settings inside preferences, they never work. Your version is newer than 2.4.4-2?

@Andrius I have over 40,000 photos and videos to store and/or backup. I paid for a Pro account to take advantage of the discount. I don’t even want to think how much I would pay a year for that amount of storage (over 100GB) at a regular hosting account. The fact that Flickr has set up a reasonable free/pro tier structure gives me more confidence in them to stick around, like SmugMug.

@Thanatomanic Unfortunately my wireless keyboard requires the alt key to enact the F3/F4 keys in that way.

@mardy Alberto, I have downloaded PhotoTeleport. It’s a nice little app! Drag-n-drop works perfectly. Looks like I can also use more than one Flickr account. Now if I can only find a category with less than 1000 photos to use it for :frowning:

(Peter) #11

I think smugmug is the best thing that happend to Flickr. To me smugmug looks more reliable than Yahoo! (Oath).
Since nothing in the world is free (but love) I would rather spend my money on Smugmug than on one of the big names. Flickr was never ment to be a free cloudspace for complete collection of photos from million of people (but it kind of went that way). To me it’s quality over quantity and so having 1000 wonderful photos on Flickr for free is much more than having 20000 photos there but thousands of doubles or shots ‘not worthy’ to show to the public. If you need more than 1000 you might be not an amateur but take photography more serios and then you can upgrade to Pro.

(Rick Scheibner) #12

No question, the recent Flickr pricing structure announcement is going to affect a lot of people. We might see less users on Flickr as a result, but I also think we’re going to see higher quality engagement. The ones who are sticking around are doing so for a reason. I went ahead and changed my account to ‘Pro’, so we’ll see what the next year brings.

We’re probably getting away from the OP question now, but I’m also sticking with DigiKam as a great tool for uploading my pics.


I am using the AUR package darktable-git which pulls the latest merged code. I don’t follow darktable development that closely but I believe it is the current state of what will become 2.6. While it is great to get the latest stuff right away, I probably wouldn’t run this version if it was important to me professionally.

(darix) #14

For a lot of distros you can grab a package here. we are a few commits behind master, but I hope we can sort that out tomorrow:


I totally understand your point. I am just bitter because I don’t like when something that I have been using for ages suddenly has changed…