.SRT/Subtitle file import

I have created subtitles in .SRT format for a video. SRT records the text and the timings. An example file can be seen here https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andreyvit/subtitle-tools/master/sample.srt . I’d like to bring this SRT file into Natron so that I can overlay it onto some other graphics. Is this at all possible?

Possible, but someone will need to create a python plugin or expand the Text node to support this feature.

srt looks easy to parse.


ability to control text using time stamps would be a good update to the text node… subtitle files can be imported and the time stamps can be used as in/out points for the text…

I will add support for SRT when I get the time, unsure if I will expand the current text node or make a new one, most likely the later. Will post a update when I get the time to look into this.

I added the feature to the existing Text node, still work-in-progress:


this is great, thanks so much! Looking forward to using it

@rodlie is this update available yet?

The feature was added in October, but we have not had any builds of Natron since then, I have a Linux build available for crash testing, it has the latest version of the Text node if you want to test.

https://github.com/rodlie/Natron/releases/tag/crashtest01, you can use this build or copy Arena.ofx.bundle and use it on the latest RC release.

You can also build openfx-arena from source if wanted.

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Thanks. Got it compiling and it’s working great so far!

Great, please report any issues if found.

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