Stupid color management/Distro question

(Mica) #21

I too find Anaconda, the fedora installer, to be a bit confusing.


W-e-l-l, I would not know, because fedora hangs when
Gnome display manager wants to manage things.
gdm clearly does not like Nvidia (which is the gfx I have).

(Colin Paul Adams) #23

I have never had problems with my Nvidia card and I’ve always used fedora (with gdm).


I am not sure what that is supposed to mean…
Colors management tools are available on any DE.
Do you mean XFCE’'s default image viewer has no color management?


Thank you, Colin. That is odd!
Some other theories why it hangs include
Wayland, or perhaps the Ryzen CPU,
or perhaps the 4K UHD monitor, or…

(Colin Paul Adams) #26

I thought Nvidia wasn’t supported with Wayland?


It seem like you have two problems, finding a distro that runs Ryzen 7 , which is quite new and also which desktop is best for colour management. I am running Ryzen 5 with integrated graphics on Debian sid, as Siduction, this also ensures the latest versions of applications. Any distro with a recent kernel, ( >4.17) mesa and amdgpu driver should work OK. I don’t know how you set your colour profile but using Colorhug will calibrate your monitor and generate a profile you can use for your system. I don’t think there should be any difference between any of the desktops, GTK and Plasma work fine together and all apps will run on any distro.


some apps such as darktable more or less depend on colord or xatom. XFCE has no gui for configuring colord or xatom


have you ever tried manjaro? I think it has a very new kernel and if not you can easily (bot do not ask me how) get one


Yes. I am presently on Manjaro/KDE. Works fine.


You could switch to Manjaro Gnome, if you want Gnome. But KDE is probably better for the 4K display.

I tried Fedora in a virtual box yesterday. The iso did not boot when I activated EFI. Maybe I will try it with Vmware.


Could you use display CAL


my experience is that the system forgets sooner or later which profile was set with Displaycal, so setting a profile with displaycal does not work properly


I installed Fedora now in Vmware - does not boot. I think it is because there is no EFI partition.


Hi Anna & thanks.
Actually, I do not think that that is my problem.
I cannot even boot fedora from a Live USB stick!

(Isaac Ullah) #36

Try Pop!_OS by the System 76 folks. Runs Gnome 3 and comes with great hardware support baked in. Installed it on a new Lenovo laptop recently, and I’m really liking it. CMS seems very good thus far…


Thank you. Will try…


why aren’t your satisfied with Manjaro?


Oh, but I am very satisfied with Manjaro/KDE.
But I have been smitten by Distro Fever since the
mid-1990s – and since I read about Richard Hughes’
work with fedora, I was eager to test it.


I thought he just works for Red Hat, his Colord and other colour related work will run on any modern distro and any desktop it is not Fedora specific.