Support for the Olympus OM-1

In theory, DNG converter, unless it’s old enough to have the same issue as what USUALLY happens for an unknown camera in RT, will inject color profile data into the DNG. Obviously if the camera is so new that DNG converter doesn’t have a color profile for it, you’re hosed until you get a colorchecker. DNG Converter does more than put the bayer data in a DNG container, if the camera is known, DNG Converter will inject the color matrix data too.

(Some people use DPReview’s studio scene as a basic rough color calibration, but keep in mind that a daylight-balanced LED, even a really good one, is still not actual daylight. But for most use cases it’s at least much better than nothing.)

I have an OM-1 now so if a file is required to have a poke around at just let me know.

Just looking into raw editing options until RT gets the update to use the new ORF files though but I can provide as much detail as I can now I’ve actually got the camera in hand!

FYI, the OM-1 is supported by ADC 14.2 released last month.

Most raw formats are fundamentally organized as TIFFs. That makes the fundamental parsing of file sections consistent camera-to-camera, but the differences in tag IDs and placement may cause need for parsing changes.

After that, it’s the information provided in the metadata to support processing that changes the most, IMHO. For instance, Nikon DSLRs wouldn’t report a decent text lens nomenclature, so raw processors had to engage in stupid pet tricks to divine such. With the new mirrorless cameras, they now populate the EXIF LensID tag quite nicely.

One thing that the major manufacturers have not provided in-raw has been default color primaries. So, raw processors need to keep a large dataset of such for all the supported cameras. Doesn’t make sense, as each cameras’ JPEG engine needs those primaries to produce JPEGs, so they’re in there, somewhere… That’s the main purpose behind RT’s camconst.json file, which you can inspect and modify to your satisfaction, or peril. The DNG format contains tags to provide primaries, and cell phone cameras that use the DNG format usually populate the tags, but the quality of their data has been spotty.

Some things upon which to cogitate…

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@Sterling101 Welcome to the forum! Do share your raw files here:

Take a look at your camera’s manual / support website to see all the possible raw files you can generate with the camera. E.g., compressed and uncompressed, cropped and full crop, etc. We prefer to have the full set from a single source. Thanks!

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I’ll have a look at the details and get a full set uploaded.
Currently looking for a temporary workaround to get at least some access to a raw file from the camera. Welcome to Win10 in a VM again for a short while!


Full set of raw’s uploaded to for all crops.
Need to produce a hi-res hand-held and tripod but out of time right now so will do those tonight but should give a little starter at least!


OM-1 support · LibRaw/LibRaw@adcb898 · GitHub will probably be useful as far as hints - it looks like many of the changes are handling cases where the ORF reports “OM SYS” or “OM Digi” instead of “OLYMPUS” - which is kind of what I suspected might be the problem.

Might try taking a crack at this next week.


I did a full upload to but after a week I can’t see anything listed on the repo from my uploads?
Am I missing something here or does it take some time for it to be added to the repo?

The uploads need to be manually approved.

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ART (agriggio / ART / wiki / Home — Bitbucket), a fork of Rawtherapee, supports the OM-1. I bet you could just copy it’s rtdata/commatrices.json and rtdata/wbpresets.json to the rawtherapee source code, compile, and it would work, but I have not tried. I prefer ART anyway

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Is the OM-1 raw file already supported now by RawTherapee? I am thinking about buying this camera. RawTherapee is my raw file editor, so if OM-1 is not supported I will have to wait untill it is.

I haven’t had time to poke at this, so nothing yet.

Om Systems OM-1 RAW support seems to be in a recent pre-release build of darktable 3.90, so many thanks to the developers! I’m talking about 3.9.0+1568~gca7a55940.

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