Tarpaulin light

tarpaulin.light.pp3 (15.7 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 (Development)

Thanks for sharing!


DSC_7893.nef.xmp (12,6 KB)


Love the scene! Our local garden shops should be opening soon, so this is a nice preview. I couldn’t push the tone equalizer too hard, so I had to use a lot of selective exposure masks to bring everything in balance. I did this in the development ver. 3.5, so I don’t know if the XMP will transfer. If not, then I can explain what I did.

DSC_7893.nef.xmp (110.2 KB)


Very nice edits!
Here’s mine.
@Dave22152 I’ve been following @s7habo’s approach to filmic and scene-referred edits and I found his method simple and at same time powerful. Have you tried? Maybe you can achieve the results you want with minimal local editing.

DSC_7893.nef.xmp (13.9 KB) (dt 3.4.1)


@gadolf, yes I’m a big fan of Boris and others, possibly to the point of pestering at times… :grimacing: and I’ve tried to bring some of his techniques into my own toolset. I think the challenge is that there’s a lot going on with the bright tarp and tourist blue sky, the underexposed greenery along with the customers and highly intent shopkeepers. So try as I might, I had to use a lot of different masks to bring it together. I had fun with it.

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A really nice shot, thanks for posting

DSC_7893.nef.xmp (29.3 KB)


DSC_7893.nef.xmp (10.8 KB)


DSC_7893_09.nef.xmp (22.7 KB)

I have a problem working with drawn masks. Local contrast 1 has two masks, the larger one was put on first, the ellipse second. I would like to re-position the ellipse, but it seems to be underneath the drawn mask, and attempts to move the ellipse only move the drawn mask. I tried moving the ellipse up in mask manager, but that made no difference. Is the only way to adjust the ellipse now to remove the drawn mask, move the ellipse, and add the drawn mask back in?

Edit: I’ve noticed that the red stripes have dark edges. Turning off defringe removed them.


Use the mask manager module to select the shape you want to move/change:


ART no local editing


Nice scene, thanks for sharing. Tricky to make it look natural. My attempt using ART. Increased exposure, used dynamic range compression, tone equaliser and local contrast. No masking [Edit actually that’s not true when you look at people’s faces :stuck_out_tongue:] . Tarpaulin light.nef.arp (33.9 KB)




A recent addition to the code allows selection through mask shapes…just hover until you activate the shape you want and you should be able to select it

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New to pixls.us and stumbled on this thread.

Poor lighting ruins many of my shots. These are some great edits. My favorites in this thread are from @age with both ART and darktable and @Dave22152 with darktable. I think it’s the saturation and contrast in all three.

I think I see edits with RawTherapee, PhotoFlow, darktable (?).

Normally, I’d attack something like this in GIMP with curves or levels, or Lightzone with relight or the zone mapper. But results aren’t that great.

Is there any kind of tutorial or technique for doing these edits?

Images like this have all the interesting bits buried in the lowest part of the histogram, and lifting that data into visibility is challenging with a regular curve. I just tried it, and ended up with a curve that looked like this:

The tone curve is in the bottom-left pane, I did this in my hack software to show the curve. In one of the other softwares you need a tool that effectively shapes such a curve; my recommendation would be darktable and its filmic tool. There are a number of edits above that used darktable; download your favorite’s .xmp, install darktable and open the image with the .xmp. That’s the beauty of Play_Raw, getting to inspect one’s handiwork very specifically.

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Nice scene.
I leave my proposal to see if you like it.
Darktable 3.5

DSC_7893.nef.xmp (22.5 KB)


DSC_7893 DSC_7893.nef.xmp (16,5 Ko)

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Thanks for sharing…


Thanks for sharing

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@gadolf Look through all of the takes, your image has the feel and appearance of a diorama. Interesting…