The darktable magicians have crafted something again - detail mask

I do not know if the problem is related to a specific module(s) or the use of this operator being used with multiple modules.
Initial problems surfaced with export images jpg images being mangled but later dt itself became inoperable.

This is an incredible filter/mask …

No issue on Windows

@davidvj Could you link the report for the forum’s reference?

Will do AM

For reference - te bug is Details Threshold creates Export Failure · Issue #8900 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub and the PR fixing it is Bugfix: details mask tiling by jenshannoschwalm · Pull Request #8904 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub :slight_smile:

Exactly. To make it short, it is/was a problem with tiling mode in the demosaicer. So not an os specific issue, not related to a special mode and not related to special images

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I found this new feature just fabulous. So much we can do with this. One example that took me 10 minutes of fiddling
Censured with detail mask


This was Exactly one of my intentions :slight_smile:

So a very big THANK You to @hannoschwalm



There is some way to make a mask selection based in the focus peaking info? The selection darktable show in lighttable? and of course after make adjustments.

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@hannoschwalm Is there an issue like this noted for the new chromatic aberrations module. I noticed that while zooming the image would go black or I would get black squares and sometimes it would catch up. This stopped and started with enabling and disabling the module…I just sort of stumbled on it while doing a playraw last night. I will try to confirm and report if I can reproduce it… I had a build running from yesterday afternoon so pretty recent…I’ll go back and troubleshoot a bit…

@priort please report via github. And as we have also changed the system to use -ffast-math globally there might be many other things involved …

I will I wanted to thrash around a bit to see if it would (a ) reoccur and (b ) if it could be narrowed down as to the potential source should it be a thing…for sure if I see anything i will post it…my current build might be right before the fast math was reenabled…so I will update and check it out. It happened last night after I zoomed in and was exploring the outcome of selecting the different color channels for the CA module…so I will go back to that and go from there…thanks for the followup

A simple thanks to the developers of this new feature. I can see so many uses for this feature and thanks to Boris for showing some of these uses. What I really love about DT is the masking options which make all the great modules work so well.

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I am finding lots of great things to try when I look through the various threads.

There has been some discussion of a tips and tricks page for this feature but nothing concrete yet, so maybe if you could list a few of your ideas?

I’m running 3.5.0~git2292.c90260a977-1 on Ubuntu 21.04 but I cannot see the Details Threshold slider :
Am I doing something wrong ?

Are you operating on raw or jpg?
Note: The data used for the detail mask refinement is taken from the demosaic stage in the processing pipeline, and not from module input (which is used for the other parametric mask criteria).

OMG, @MStraeten … you are right.
I was using this on a JPEG !

Thanks for the explanation, though I’m very sad it’s not available for JPEGs as well, as I must admit I use darktable a lot on JPEGs.

Anyway, thanks for you swift reply, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Let’s see for 3.8, at least for 16/32bit non-raws this might be worthy to implement. For compressed 8bits per channel images this is just fun but not reliable so non implemented by intention.

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And thanks @hannoschwalm for the amazing work on this, while I’m at it !! :slight_smile:

Darktable is really getting fantastic with all the recent devs (ToneEqualizer, Filmic/RGB, ColorBalanceRGB, Mask Details, Lighttable revamp, UX/UI enhancements, new import/export module, Darkroom’s modules panel revamp, Maps improvements, QuickAccess panel, White Balance, ColorCalibration… and I know I’m missing a lot of them) !