Ubuntu 22.04, darktable and color management - I am very confused

I upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 a week ago.

Now it looks like the color management is not working properly.

I have two monitors: one sRGB and one AdobeRGB. Both are calibrated and profiled and the ICC profiles are available to both darktable and Ubuntu.

In darktable “system display profile” is set as profile and darktable-cmstest reports no errors. This means if the darktable window is moved from one screen to another, the appropriate profile based on colord will be used.

The colors look correct on the sRGB monitor. The colors look pale when the window is moved to the AdobeRGB monitor.
If I set the AdobeRGB profile there (instead of system display profile), the colors do not change. If I move the darktable (with this setting) back to the sRGB screen, nothing changes and I see the same pale colors.

If I then switch the color profile to sRGB, the colors look correct. If I move darktable to the AdobeRGB monitor, the colors look correct there too, although sRGB is set as the profile.

The whole thing doesn’t seem to be a problem from darktable, because it’s the same story with rawtherapee and gimp.

Even if applications are used that do not handle color management, the displayed colors on the AdobeRGB monitor look the same as on the sRGB monitor.

I’ve checked the AdobeRGB monitor numerous times to see if it’s set incorrectly, but it’s not.

The monitor works correctly with a Mint 20.04/darktable on another computer.

The whole thing seems to be a problem (or feature) of Ubuntu 22.04.

My guess is that the profiling is handled by the operating system (gnome).

Can anybody confirm this?
And if so, what is the best way to set the profile in Darktable? It would be correct if no profile was used at all. But how do you set that up?

Or does anyone know another reason for this behavior?

Are you using Wayland or x11?

I´m using X11!
NVIDIA Corporation GP107 [GeForce GTX 1050 Ti] Driver Version 470.161.03.

Have you recalibrated since the update?

No. Has Ubuntu 22.04 changed the format of the ICC-Files?

I tried gnome/manjaro (x11) some months ago and my impression was that gnome color management is broken.
Calibrating/profiling does not work properly and the profile that is created with displaycal under gnome is completely broken and shows wrong colors.

Incase you have not done this can you put the profiles in the DT config directory in the color/out folder and just explicitly refer to them to be sure that you are using what you want… Does that change anything as opposed to say using system as a setting…

Not sure this would work and if it does then one need to disable the dt color profiling part in the preferences to not use colord or xatom (from memory I cannot check now) to retrieve and set the profile.

For what it’s worth I’m using GNOME 43 and don’t have any issue with an old ICC created with DisplayCAL.

Ya true I forgot Linux might be different… I was framing it from a windows perspective

Ok, I solved the problem (for me) and installed LDME 5 over the weekend. Everything works as it should here.

As it stands, Ubuntu isn’t the problem, it’s Gnome 4.

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