Using symbolic links with the scripts

New Siril user here. I am using Siril to preprocess images for variable star photometry. The built-in Mono_Preprocessing script seems to do what I need.

I have a library of darks, flats, biases that I would like to use for this. Rather than copying in the darks, flats, biases directories to each project home directory, I was hoping I could just add a symbolic link to the directory in the library (this is on macOS). That way it wouldn’t take up extra space and I wouldn’t have to delete them after preprocessing.

However, it seems that Siril doesn’t like the symbolic links. It complains about it not being a directory.

Is there a different/better way to accomplish this? Alternatively, can Siril be changed so it properly follows the symlink?

Hello and welcome!
The script you are trying to use does not do what you need: it requires raw calibration files and it also stacks the images at the end, you probably don’t need to do that. I suggest you process your images manually, that will allow you to choose your master calibration files for each sequence. There’s a tutorial showing how to do use siril without scripts: Manual pre-processing

Yes, I’ve read about and tried “manual pre-processing”. It just seems more finicky making sure you get all the settings correct to create the various masters. Using the script just seemed easier and speed was not an issue having the masters built on the fly.

But I can try it again to see how it goes. However, having symlinks work would make it easier.