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What is Photoflare?
A Cross Platform image editor with quick easy to use features and a sprinkle of advanced functionality. photoflare.io

You can download an AppImage from our Github releases, install official .deb package since Ubuntu 19.04 or add our stable PPA to your sources.

This project is developed in C++. It makes use of Qt5 for the UI and graphicsmagick for some of the filters. All source code is available here:

We have some basic documentation but this could definitely be improved as its currently a WIP.

Advantage amongst all the other FOSS software already “on the market”?
Photoflare provides a quick/efficient way to do quick edits on photos. It caters to a unique audience of Photofiltre fans who switched to using Linux and like how the UI/UX flows. No other FOSS can appeal to this same audience and this is where Photoflare has an advantage.


Hi @DylanC,

could you give a short statement, where do you see the niche/advantage amongst all the other FOSS software already “on the market”?

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I think that is explained below:

What I understood from that is that the software aims the masses who don’t want to “waste” time learning more professional tools like the ones we’re used to.
Disclaimer: I’ve never heard of PhotoFlare before.

EDIT: I did a quick test on Photofiltre and it doesn’t seem to open raws, just jpegs, at least a NEF from the Play Raws

EDIT2: I downloaded Photoflare and it also doesn’t seem to support raw files.

I looked briefly. I’m not seeing an appeal to it. QT and C++, Krita does offer way more than Photoflare.

For a lot of people, krita and gimp are overkill. This looks very straightforward.


So, that’s where the appeals come in. I guess this could be a Paint.NET alternative for linux users if it can be integrated with G’MIC.

@paperdigits yeah, I was going to say that.

INMHO, everyone deserves a tool that fits their abilities and goals, maybe people start editing jpegs on Photoflare and after some time realize that a lot of artifacts are starting to show up. Then people google it and hear for the first time about the raw format. In the end, maybe a small portion of them end up by using one of the tools we’re used to.

It doesn’t have to be a gateway tool. There are tons of people who just need to crop and maybe apply a filter or do some other light touch up. This would be perfect for that usecase.

The code is open and the author is interested in sharing with us. We should welcome them.



Hello everyone,

Just installed on Windows 10 and it looks already quite stable on this platform.

As anticipated so far, it has quite basic tools (e.g. no layers implemented so far)
Funnily enough, there is a very basic GUIs batch tool export. AFAIK, this same “advanced” feature is not available with Gimp right now (yep, I know you can install some external plugin, e.g Bimp, to get it)

Here are more information about this software:

p.s: IMHO, it is not fair to compare this software with gimp, krita etc.
For instance, currently, Krita has 4 full-time developers and it has been developed for more than 20 years now…

Certainly not, and I apologize if I sounded disrespectful, which wasn’t my intention.

@DylanC, welcome.


Just tried the appimage on ubuntu 18.04 64 bit mate and it works.

I think it could be a useful software for simple operation for many non tech people, unfortunatly i know a bit gimp so i don’t think it will be my software of choice.

Anyway some suggestions:

I haven’t found keyboard shortcuts for zoom 1:1 and zoom to fit image (what is autozoom btw? i have looked for something like ctrl-shift-j for gimp). Last but not least i see no preview in the file selector.

Keep up the good work!