Windows 7 failure 5.X, 5.1, 5,2, 5,3, 5.4, 5.5 libraries, right-click

Installed RT 5.5 on my Win7 (64) machine, the first RT 5.X to work on my machine since RT 5.0 released in January 2017. (Had uninstalled functioning 5.0 first.)

The issue, on my back up C drive clone, again Win 7 (64), this C clone running RT 4.2:

Removed RawTherapee 4.2, and installed RT 5.5.

Complete failure, RT 5.5 didn’t see libraries and wouldn’t allow me to right click a raw file and select RT 5.5 to open the file.

4.2 has never seen Windows libraries either, but it always allowed one to use the right click “open with” option.

Reverted my C drive back to the configuration with RawTherapee 4.2 installed.

Except that the back-up clone runs Microsoft .NET 4.6 and the C clone, that RT 5.5 runs on correctly, runs .NET 4.7: There is no OS difference.

(Web searches don’t turn up results saying RT uses .NET—Paint.NET, Windows only software, does use Microsoft’s .NET framework.)

This is quite a serious problem for Windows 7 (64) users, and it appears to only be fixed under obscure circumstances.

So basically this means that every version of RT 5.X through V5.5 has serious unresolved problems with Windows 7 (64) machines.

@JayKonnor I’m developing RT on Win7 since 2013 and never had any issues

That may (or may not) be true, but to solve them, we need better understandable bug reports.


Consider this another report of this bug. I posted this problem with the second release of RT 5.0 in February 2017.

I’m hardly new to using and installing RawTherapee.

Reading your first post it’s not clear to me which bug you talk about. Please rephrase.

@JayKonnor Do you mean, this does not work?

Under unknown conditions RT 5.X (through 5.5) is useless on Windows 7 (64) machines.

Useless, as in won’t open a raw file.

Not, an option,

Right click doesn’t offer that option, at least on Windows 7 machines.

It’s fine of you to assume I have NO idea of what I’m writing, and I’ve never used a Window machine in the last 20 years, and I’ve not ever installed software on a Windows machine.

But if you assume those things and say so publicly as your suggestion does, then I’m not really going to pay attention to treat your suggestions as valid.

RT 5.X (thru 5.5) has had serious Windows 7 problems for years. 5.5 appeared to fix this issue, but upon installation on a second Win 7 machine (which is what clone is effectively) the old 5.X issue returned. And RT 5.5 is useless on a Win 7 (64) machine.

I know you’re trying to help, but don’t assume I have no idea of what I’m writing and have never used a mouse with “right click”.

Seems April 1st on your side of the world. I tend to close this.


“Seems April 1st on your side of the world. I tend to close this.”

Calling people jokers or delusional doesn’t help your case.

RT 5.X is a big problem.

Your responses read like Microsoft Windows’ system stability in the year 1996.

Good job.

I know :slight_smile:


I see that you don’t get sarcasm.

And you completely didn’t follow my point about Windows in the 1990s.

Keep up the good work pretending there aren’t problems, it’s why Microsoft is NOT in the smartphone OS business.

The Earth is flat.



Now that you rephrased, I believe I understood that right click does not show you the context menu to open an image in RT (I’m still not completely sure about that because your post was not completely clear). Though that does not mean that RT is useless on Win7. If it would be, I would have stopped contributing to RT or fixed the bug.

So, let’s stay constructive. Please <= explain the issue in clear words to clarify so we know what’s going wrong.

Clean Windows 7 64-bit just installed, RawTherapee 5.5’s right-click “open with” works correctly:

Time to start entertaining the possibility that perhaps what really has “serious unresolved problems” is your Windows installation.

Have a fantastic Christmas


Oh, now I’m also guilty that Microsoft is not in the smartphone OS business
Why couldn’t you tell me that earlier? I would be a rich man now if I had knowledege about my power :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @JayKonnor, as you can see, hurling insults doesn’t get you anywhere. If you’d like a resolution, you’ll need to provide a really good bug report, for which the link to do so has already been provided to you. Then maybe we can move towards a resolution. If not, then please at least stop with the name calling and insults.


For what it’s worth, both ‘Open with Rawtherapee’ and the general ‘Open with’ dialogue work without problems on my “not so clean” Win7 64bit installation . Just a bit slower than on my Linux machine.

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“the earth is flat”

Massive false equivalence.

You’ve also arrogantly insisted that anyone who reports software installation problems (which occur tens of thousands of times a day around the world) must have this fantasy idea of the physical shape of the world.

Please stay friendly!

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I think you may have been a little unclear at first in what the problem actually was, and a blanket statement like I’ve quoted here doesn’t help your case. There are quite a few other people running 5.X just fine on Windows 7 machines that are not experiencing the same problem as yourself (me included).

Making a blanket statement like this is disingenuous and makes you seem rather alarmist and possibly self-absorbed (you’re having the problem, therefore everyone must be having this problem).

This is the most important statement in the thread. If you’re looking for help resolving the issue, perhaps you might be able to frame the question and qualify it enough for those trying to help you to understand?