Woodchopping contest - how to process?

Quite warm and saturated but I like it…

Or way less of that…

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Thanks everyone for the versions, tips and ideas!
@epeeist I use continuous shooting for motorsport - not really sure why I didn’t here! Next time.
@Zbyma72age I like this. The tighter crop works well. I wonder how you get the RAW file into GIMP?

@dqpcoxeas @anon42681393 @apostel338 @Tim @Thomas_Do @JulienMx @arturoisilvia @priort Thanks everyone! I’ll need to load some xmps and have a look at how you did it.

Its basically an automated tiff transfer if I recall. I don’t use GImp but you can set it to use RT or DT to open the raw and then it gets transferred to Gimp

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