wrong white balance when i move the photo to the phone

i have raw therapee 5.4
I’m editing photos on the snow
when I have them on my computer they are perfect, the white balance is just the way I want it.
then when i move them on the phone I realize that actually the balance is too hot, how can I do?
I hope you understand, I do not speak English very well

Are either of the displays calibrated?

I’m not sure, I already had a problem like that with different colors coming out. I solved by putting “none” on the setting at the bottom of the page. I think it may be a computer calibration but I do not know

Your phone is probably not calibrated to be neutral, but rather is probably adjusted to make content on it look good. That probably means over saturation.

The best thing you can do is calibrate your computer monitor with a hardware device.

For example, on my phone, the colours are over-saturated and the blacks are crushed.

I have a really entry level, cheap phone and usually I find it having a high temperature tonality.

I opened a recent post of mine and was surprised to see that it rendered the picture more a less like I see it on my notebook.

I didn’t expect that…

A screenshot from my phone, that shows exactly what I see on it:

Not sure if this comparison is worth of considering, but my post is this.

And how can I calibrate my computer? I’m not really good with computers ahah

So what do you do in this case? Because I usually put the photos on instagram with the phone, and every time the photo changes completely ahhah so I edit the photo with the phone but it is of poor quality

Have you tried looking at the photo I linked on your phone and then on your PC with the phone’s browser?
Are there big differences?

EDIT: I mean, open this post on your phone’s browser: [Play Raw] Morning Light and then open it on your PC

Copy that sentence and paste it on Google, I’d say. Then you’ll get used to what is involved in monitor calibration.

There aren’t big difference. I think that on the phone is a little more hot (or warm i don’t know what is right to say) but just a little, i tried to change the calibrate on my phone and I notice that now it’s more similar. So it’s just that? How can I know that that’s not a problem with my computer?

You can add on top of your two devices looked ng different, that likely everyone on a phone who views your image will see if differently. The best way is to calibrate your monitor with a hardware device, like a colormunki, and then hope for the best with everyone else.

Thank you both, have a nice day, or night!