X-trans demosaic - Markesteijn 3 artifacts

Please do me a favor, and try this on your raw file:

  1. add 1 step of false color suppression from the raw tab (I don’t have the raw, so I can’t do it on this image)

  2. try a setting like the one below in Defringe:

  3. For some images with a lot of fine color detail, if the Defringe module leads to too much color bleeding, try with Noise reduction - Chrominance only (yes, even if your image is noise free, it will help fighting color artifacts):

In my examples there are some artifacts remaining, that I’m quite confident False color suppression would take care of from the raw file.


Here it is, with your settings.
I like the effect of the noise reduction on the circled part. Using noise reduction only would for me be enough to clear that area. When using it on other pictures that have more color it removes to much color subtlety for me.

Aliasing is a real option here. Still, it would be nice to have more choices in x-trans demosaic algorithms of high quality that prioritize different rendering qualities.

Check higher up in this thread my example of the dpreview scene and the different algorithms.