My name is Aleksander, I’m born in 1985 and currently living in the west-cost of Norway with my family, in a city called Ålesund (Aalesund). My city is close to Geirangerfjorden which is on the UNESCO’s list.
(See UNESCO: )

English isn’t even my second language since I’m from Norway, so I’m self-diagnosed with “Petter Solberg English”, so I hope I make myself as understandable as I can. As a “Norwegian guy” I’m quite direct in my speech and texts, so don’t feel insulted by any of the bad answers I might reply with. I think this is something we Nordic/Scandinavian people are known for, just look at Linus Thorvalds :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve been working in mechanical workshop as a technician, then IT for some time at a Microsoft partner, but are now starting up a new sales division in my city along with the owner of the current company I’m employed at.

I’m a generalist photographer, so I basically shoot everything when it comes to photography, and I love post-processing and the software that comes along with it! In fact I love software so much that I currently run the largest user-to-user support group (for Capture One) called Capture One Technical Forum on FaceBook along with a couple admins and mods (soon 5000 members).

I only consider myself a serious hobbyist! :smiley:

My main software is Capture One Pro, no surprise there, and I’m also a long time betatester for the developers in Denmark, plus online educator for a handfull of Capture One students.

In addition I own and use the following list of applications, so I’m not insulted if you consider me a application hoarderer:

This list double if I’m going to list all the Opensource Applications I download and use on my Linux laptops, but to mention a few of the most used ones:

I mainly use this Windows 10 Pro custom-built workstation:
AMD Threadripper 1920x
32GB 3000Mhz RAM
2x NVMe, 4x 2.5" SSD, 2x 4TB WD RED
nVidia 1080 Ti
Wacom Intuos Pro M
1x BenQ SW2700PT
3x Eizo S2402W
Igloo MS410 4x monitor stand
Svive Hydra Streamingkit
2x WD Duo, 2x 4TB each
QNap 431 NAS (12 TB)