i am a libre software enthusiast/evangelist and i love photography.
i am interested in human perception, aesthetics, and technology impact on them.
my biggest problem with digital photography was the colour, which i never liked out of the box. i think today i got closer to understanding which colour solutions i like, and what is colour in photography.

i put almost everything i shoot to my flickr page: independently of the photos quality.
i get what i get, some photos are better, some worse, some worse for someone, but better for others.

also it is possible to browse my photos in my personal hugo powered blog
by film:
by analogue camera:
by digital camera or phone:
by lens:
by scanner:
and by place:

mixed stream:լուսանկարներ/

my english language diaspora profile is :
english language mastodon: https://թութ.հայ/@inky

armenian diaspora:
armenian mastodon: https://թութ.հայ/@norayr

i experiment with software:

my dj sets on soundcloud:

some old interview with me as a photographer: