I’m here to practice the magical art of color, light and shadow.
I appreciate beauty and inspiration, wherever they be.

In constant look for “the-perfect-frame”, I have always loved taking pictures, and for years I wanted a professional camera, to be able to properly capture the “Real” / “Actual” / “RIGHT!” colors, especially in those glorious sunsets, saturated by God, where phone cameras kept delivering unsatisfying results.

I tend towards the realistic / natural view, but I also adore luminous, rich and vivid hues.
I’m also drawn to black and white photos, a field I wish to explore in the future.

While finding “my own style” and my “work-flow”, I’m still learning development in ART, mainly by playing with sliders and controllers, trying to make the picture feel nice and good.

I’m an enthusiast beginner and a hobbyist, just bought my very first camera: Canon EOS M50 Mark II (with 15-45 and 50-200 lenses & 2-32 ND CPL filters).

I love nature, desert, sunsets, mountains, autumn, rain, trees, leaves, sunbeams, and obviously - cats…
So I’m gonna have tons of fun, and hopefully spend more time outside.