1.21 and the new sigmoid

Thanks for 1.21 and I’m very interested in Sigmoid.

I have tried it. I see the effects but it looks like I don’t understand it. Like what problem does it try to solve and what conditions…

Could somebody points me to either some explanation or some yt video?


In darktable, sigmoid is a tone mapper, so you use it instead of the base curve or filmic. It’s basically a curve controlled by an algorithm, with some extra stuff to control hue twisting and so on.

I don’t know about the ART version though. :slight_smile:

If the code follows or emulates DT code then this would be where you can get lots of information about the transform… if its different @agriggio can elaborate…

It’s literally the same code :slight_smile:
It’s meant to showcase what is possible with ctl scripts, and since it’s a good module I thought of shipping it with art rather than using it just as an example.




Great idea…