1) Bug? > Some G'MIC filters rename GIMP's layers. 2) Above layer as texture


I don’t know if it’s a “bug” as bug but most filters do not rename layers, which I found “normal”

  1. There are some filters in G’MIC which rename the layers in GIMP without an option to not rename them, thus working on more than hundred layers become a “nightmare” to give back the original name as the original naming of all layers is needed.

Let’s give an example:
I making some “Custom Font” and use G’MIC to create a 3D map, these filters rename the layer but I do need the original naming to run some scripts after.

Below, I’m renaming 1 by 1 each layers :crazy_face:

Is it possible to make those filters not renaming the layers? As actually I do need to put back all the original naming after applying G’MIC effect.

Filters than rename the GIMP’s layers I found so far are:
Rendering/3D Blocks (rename as “Layer”)
Rendering/3D Lathing (rename as “[3D Lathing]”)

  1. There are also few filters that use the above layer to “texture” if there is one layer above,

When processing one hundred layers at a time it is not possible to use the input “All” as it will take the layer above to use it as “texture”

My question/request, is if it could be possible to make that “Note” (layer above as texture) being an option (like a check box) to allow us to use the “Input → All” to process multiple layers like it was a single layer (not taking in count the layer above to texture the active layer)?

Filters using this “note (top layer as texture)” I found so far are:
Rendering/3D Elevation
Rendering/3D Extrusion
Rendering/3D Lathing

What I actually do to by-pass this “top texture”, is to make all layers non-visible, make 1 visible, run G’MIC, then make that rendered visible, non-visible, then same for the next one, and so…

If you need > G’MIC 2.9.9 from gmic.eu on Ubuntu-MATE 20.04/ GIMP.2.10.28 PPA from Panda Jim
In all case, thanks a lot for reading and have a fantastic day.

Yes, this should be fixed by:

(just update your filters).

For the second point, I’ll have to look at it more closely. I’ll try to fix that as well.

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Wow, you’re so fast.
Thank you so much!
Have a wonderful day.

Updated 5 times, still
Rendering/3D Blocks (rename as “Layer”)
Rendering/3D Lathing (rename as “[3D Lathing]”)

Should I wait until tomorrow?

Are you using plugin version 2.9.9?
The update works only for development version 3.0.0_pre.

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Indeed, I was using this version
Now updated to 3.0.0 and it works absolutely fine, thank you very much!
Have an awesome day.

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For the second point :

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Wow… I did tried and that’s pure awesomeness!
Thank you so much.
Have and absolute fantastic day!

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