1920 x 1080 px Problem

I’m trying to rescale an image to 1920 x 1080 px, however when I change the height, the width automatically changes, and vice versa.

Any help with this?

I attached a visual of the problem.

Thank you.

Click the link icon next to the size box. By default scaling locks the aspect ratio.

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You need to de-select the locked aspect ratio (icon between the width/height boxes and the px dropdown). That will allow you to enter values in each box without affecting the other.

However, it will also change the aspect ratio, which could have a detrimental impact on the final image. I’d resize it as you show here then crop to your desired final size of 1920x1080.

(edit: I’m too slow! Question already answered. :slight_smile: )


Hi @Deerell, and welcome!

Sounds as if you have not found The Manual!?!


Thank you for the manual and all the quick responses!

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