1D X III and raw support

I found that Dpreview now released a couple of raw files from 1D X III. I tried to open them in RawTherapee but it seems I can’t really set the black level correct. I don’t own 1D X III so it is not really important. More a thing of curiosity from my side.

Quite frankly I’m surprised you see anything at all. I get only pure white images with two randomly chosen RAW files, whatever setting I try.

Can you point to a specific example?

Anyone, actually. I tried 512 and 2048 as black level. I get something but mostely just purple.

The issue with this files is, that the current cr3-decoder code reports 8-bits per channel to RT, which then leads to a whitelevel of 255 => completely bright image.
By modding the code a bit I could at least get this, though still not good and still wip

@heckflosse Will this help? https://www.dpreview.com/articles/2170856751/the-canon-eos-1d-x-mark-iii-shoots-canon-s-best-ever-jpegs
You can download a studio RAW file. Does that help in getting useful camconst values?

@Thanatomanic That’s an easy one, just wrong black levels and incorrect bit depth.
This hack (only for testing) and setting black levels to 512 gives:

diff --git a/rtengine/dcraw.cc b/rtengine/dcraw.cc
index b8d5b9895..ed4702584 100644
--- a/rtengine/dcraw.cc
+++ b/rtengine/dcraw.cc
@@ -9095,6 +9095,8 @@ void CLASS adobe_coeff (const char *make, const char *model)
       tiff_bps += 2;
   } else if (load_raw == &CLASS panasonic_load_raw) {
       tiff_bps = RT_pana_info.bpp;
+  } else if (load_raw == &CLASS crxLoadRaw) {
+      tiff_bps = 14;
   if (RT_matrix_from_constant == ThreeValBool::X) {
     RT_matrix_from_constant = ThreeValBool::T;

But there seem to be different encodings. Some files don’t open at all, some seem to have kind of varying bit depth…