2/3rds of Portrait Previews In File Browser


I loaded some recent images and all the photos taken in portrait orientation show the lower 1/3 of the image cut off. The are also cut off in the editor.

Going back through older portrait mode raw images, those that I did not process into a useable file (tif) are cut off. The raw files that I did process into a useable file show the entire image.

The images are not cut off on the camera’s review screen.

Can someone suggest a way to fix this? I haven’t made changes to the preferences recently and am stumped.



about which program are you talking?

Opps! RawTherapee 5,8

Please try a nightly build: RTW64NightlyBuilds/ – Keybase.pub

There have been a few fixes for these (Fuji) files that are incorrectly cropped.

Thanks. Will try that. Though these are Nikon NEF files.

Please share one of this files here. Then we can take a look what’s wrong…

Here are a couple screenshots.

Screenshot 1 2021-09-24 131024
Screenshot 2 2021-09-24 131155


2 things:

Have you tried @Thanatomanic’s suggestion and installed a recent copy of RawTherapee? Yes, he mentions Fuji and your images are NEFs, but a lot has changed and that might just solve your issue. It will solve a few other issues for sure :wink:

@heckflosse needs the actual NEF to be able to check what is going on, screenshots will not help.

Yes, I did downloaded the ‘poor man’s dehaze’ update which did not change in preview. Here is a recent portrait nef.

DSC_1980.NEF (16.8 MB)

That one is quite old (March this year). The RawTherapee_dev_5.8-… from the link above should give you what you want. Your image loads fine in my local build.

I dumped that one and downloaded dev-5.8.3049 and I still have the preview problem.


Are you sure you’re running the right file? I just downloaded dev-5.8.3049 and it works fine:

(see top of screen to verify you’re running build 3049)

I assume, there is a default profile active with a crop. The OP said, that he is checking files he never touched.


@Greg_J are you talking about the navigator preview or of really loading the nef-file to the editor?

As @Thanatomanic mentioned, loading the nef is working fine, so here on my windows-device.

What sometimes occures, ist a partially shown preview in navigator after saving:

after relaoding the file or any other, the preview will be shown correctly:

I am taking this as a feature :wink:

Thanks everyone for your help and patience. They are most appreciated. With your suggestions, I figured out that one of my crop windows was being applied to all portrait preview files. I set the crop to Left 0, Top 0 and “As Image” and the whole image appears.

I think somehow I saved the crop as part of my “basic” pp3 file and will correct that if needed.

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