2.9.2 Crashing in Windows 10, GIMP 2.10.20

Constant crashing of GMIC. Let me know if you need screenshots of error screens.

Please give us as much info as possible. Your OS version, where you got your apps, steps to reproduce crash, etc.

Windows 10, downloaded from GMIC, attempting to use Photo Illustration, when a pop-up window with a dual image shows up, accept default settings, run the filter, it crashes in GIMP before completing.

Works fine for me within Krita 4.3.0, and G’MIC 2.9.3.

I have win10pro, reinstalled GIMP and G’MIC from the official sources (same versions as you; from gimp.org gmic.eu), updated filters, opened photoillustration, set everything to default and it doesn’t crash.

What is your input image? Post one that crashes on you.

PS Note that the GIMP package has a Revision 1: slightly faster and smaller due to optimized build parameters. Not sure if it would cause a crash though.

I’m not used to having GMIC crash, ever. I was using a 10 meg image from a wedding, so decided to uninstall GMIC from Control Panel, and then rebooted my laptop and re-installed. It’s working fine now, even on the 10 meg image. Shuts off the alarm