2 Newbie Questions: Transparent PNG and Background Color

Hello community,

I have 2 beginner’s question regarding Natron.

  1. I have a PNG with transparent areas in it. I would like to use it as a graphical object, applying effects (for example dropshadow) to it. Is that possible in Natron, to use PNG with Alpha Channel as a graphical object?

  2. I can’t seem to have that PNG + Alpha Channel to be on top of a solid background, part of the PNG Image gets cut off. Is the problem the encoding? PNG comes out of Blender.

Thank you for your time.


I got it to work. Reason why it didn’t work before, was a messed up xcf-file.

By the way, Natron doesn’t read newest GIMP XCF File (GIMP 2.10.10) with its read-node.
Can you confirm that?