2 Suggestions for the PIXLS community

A Tutorials section

We have many interesting tutorials here in the forum (some tagged as such and some not). I would love to see them revamped and shiny in an own section, so that people looking for information can directly access them. the revamping could be a community effort (and I would gladly help) and would maybe include things like proof reading, correcting wrong explanations and maybe better image examples if necessary .

I know that when I started learning processing I desperately searched for well made, good looking and sorted tutorials.

This yould also be done in articles

A PIXLS.US youtube channel

A centralised place where software and/or topic related playlists could be made. I think the optimal candidate for thei channel would be @patdavid, as he already has a channel and creating a new one is easy :wink:


I always thought, though I’ve never discussed this with anyone else, that if you want things like proof reading, fact checking, and better stuff, that you should formalize it into an article on the main site, https://pixls.us/articles/

I’d be happy to help in the editing process & getting it into our website. I’ve tried to grab a forum post and formalize it a few times. Some I’m still working on.

Anyone is welcome to publish an article, the website is on github, or just ping me in the forum and I’ll get it set up for you (or anyone, and that includes a proof read).

There is also our tutorial tag at https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/tutorial


The tag I am aware off but if someone new is looking for tutorials I think it is easier to find them if they have a separate section (be it articles or whatever), than to first get accustomed with the forum and then search for tagged tutrials.

thanks for the hint, I wasn’t aware of that. The 7 year old school boy in me naively thought that some major powers (@patdavid, @paperdigits or other demigods ) decide what will become an article. :wink:
So if I get an idea I will ping you!

Which ones?
Can we help?

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I think the posts you’ve written are pretty close to publishable on the main site.

I am working on a large panorama hugin article and the photo book article.

But yes, if you want to publish on the main site, instructions for writing are in the github readme. Mostly just markdown, so you’re already good to go.

We can maintain a playlist on youtube of useful resources. But I have the feeling that a properly tagged thread per video would be better, so we can add some notes why it we linked the video. We don’t really need our own channel

Well the idea was more, that if people discover “that” interesting playlist and it belongs to a PIXLS channel they might be inclined to come here…

Nice, looking forward to that.

Sweet, infrastructure stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:


When I originally set things up I was always of the opinion to try and get any great tutorials published on the main website (which has some other needs related to this). You and some others keep posting great things as forum posts, which makes me think this might not be a horrible idea (that is, adding a tutorial category).

I’m not opposed to this. I do notice that there’s some slight awkwardness in how to handle quality tutorials posted on the forum and getting them up on the site. Ideally I’d love to have the web site be the definitive resource for getting to tutorials (and articles). The problem is when someone posts a great tutorial in the forum, and I migrate it to the main site, it ends up with a different topic and conversation (thus splitting between the original topic post and the new topic post via the website). :frowning:

I’m not sure yet how best to handle this. Possibly manually migrating all of the posts in a topic to the new one once it’s published on the site. (I wonder if I could make a post on the site pull it’s body content from a topic post here… :smiley: it’s like we’ve come all the way around to a CMS again!).

Ideally, tutorial writers would publish directly to the site. (I am not opposed to giving folks push access where desired/deserved).

So, should we have a new category specifically for Tutorials?

YouTube Channel


@McCap is right, it’s easy to set a channel up when I already have the Google brand account for PIXLS.US. :slight_smile: Now, I just need some folks to step up and help manage it… Any takers? (Add your google account info here - or PM me with it and I’ll add you).

I would probably focus first on collecting any/all videos from creators we know about to consolidate them into playlists that are appropriate (I think videos can show up in more than one playlist). So perhaps playlists based on software, creator, and type of photography?


Maybe those good tutorials should be then extracted to full articles … which reference back to the original thread where they were developed?

That would also make the main site more lively.


I’m a former computer science professor who is learning digital photography, and therefore very dangerous: I want to profess to the world what I’ve learned, but I Seldom Have It Right!!! I’d advocate some sort of curation of a tutorials section; it may be more along the lines of peer review in an attached comments section, so the author can get feedback and correct/improve their communication. FWIW…


Technically, this could happen as part of the workflow on Github when issuign a Pull Request or in a branch of the main website repo. Though, that requires yet another login to comment, and takes the flow outside of the community here (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing).

If we do as @darix mentions, we could let those peer-reviews take place in the original tutorial thread before we translate it to a full-blown article or blog post on the main site.

Hi Pat,

I could help to manage Youtube channel. My account: s7habo@gmail.com


Awesome! I’ve just added you as a manager for the brand account.

On this note, the managers are for the overall Google “PIXLS.US” brand account so you can manage, add, videos on youtube and associated Google properties. I’m assuming this also means Google+ (I haven’t checked on my side yet). If it does, then perhaps we can start reaching out on that platform as well. I’ll also see about adding managers for FB and/or Twitter as well!


A little late, but I wanted to add to this…
I think that if a tutorial, that was first posted in the forum, is migrated to the main site, the splitting is no big deal. I would see it as follows:

  • the tutorial has been posted
  • feedback has been given and additional questions have been asked
  • and now an improved version of tutorial could be posted on the main site, with a link to the original post.