#2__Weird Keyword Tag Behavior - Is there a Fix ?

Weird Keyword Tag Behavior #2:
I had several hundred photos tagged “Silo” as in Tags/Farm & Ranch/Grain Storage/Silo(847)

As Silos are landmarks, I decided to separate them as sub-tags Silo/State Name/County Name/Road Name/Name of Owner — ; and, as I added this new Keyword Tag info to each image, I removed the generic parent tag “Silo”.

Being of an extremely meticulous nature, I was adamant about always removing the “Silo” tag once I got the new tag added.

Each time I removed a “Silo” tag, the number in parentheses (847) decreased by 1 and that thumbnail disappeared from the scene.

When I got them all done, I had Silo(1) ----- IMPOSSIBLE ----- I went one-by-one, clicking every single Silo, watching the “Silo” check-box to catch the image that was still carrying the “Silo” tag — I did this TWICE = not a single image showed up as carrying the “Silo” tag, yet the Silo(1) stubbornly remains = still there after several restarts.

Being of an obsessively accurate nature, this bugs the crap out of me, causing nightmares, loss of sleep, and nausea.

How do I make this (1) show as (0) ?

Thanks for reading.

You may have a stale entry in the database (e.g. a file moved or deleted from outside digikam).

You can remove such stale entries through the “maintenance” tool:
“Tools” menu, then “Maintenance” item, and select what you want to do. You can clean up the database just for selected tags or albums, or clean the whole database. In addition, you can compact (shrink) the database by physically removing deleted records.

Database cleaning can take a lot of time and block other activity within digikam (to prevent data races). It’s best to make a backup of the relevant databases before starting the process (make backups with digikam not running).