#3__Weird Keyword Tag Behavior - Is there a Fix ?

Weird Keyword Tag Behavior #3:
I have some two hundred photos generically tagged “Antique Tractor” as in Tags/Farm & Ranch/Tractor/Antique Tractor.

I have thousands of individually identified images under the “Tractor” parent tag, divided right down to year model and style variation.

I am slowly identifying these tractors under the generic “Antique Tractor” tag, labeling them as correctly as possible.

With each identified tractor image having the “Antique Tractor” tag removed, the number in parentheses reduces accordingly and those thumbnails disappear from the scene.

The huge problem is, when I click “Antique Tractor” in the left pane, many hundreds of tractor images that never ever carried the “Antique Tractor” tag will show up, with all of the “Antique Tractor” images scattered among them.

Thankfully, so far as I am aware of, this “Antique Tractor” tag is the only one I have with this inaccurate behavior.

I am anxious to see what happens when I finally get the last Antique Tractor identified and then Delete that tag.

Any ideas as to what is causing all of these wrong images to show up when I click “Antique Tractor”?

At least the ones showing up are all tractors; I haven’t seen any Giraffes or Battleships or Cadillac Sedan deVilles among them.

Thankfully, with any other Keyword Tag I click/choose, only those images carrying that tag will show up.

Is there a fix for this weird behavior ?

Thanks for reading.


I finished identifying and properly tagging all of the images that initially carried the “Antique Tractor” tag.

As I identified each image, I removed the Antique Tractor tag and the Tag(number) reduced to reflect the change.

Now, with the Tag(number) displaying Tag(0), when I select the Antique Tractor tag in the left pane, 106 images show up when no images at all should display as no images carry that tag.

You’ve probably already thought of this, but does “Antique Tractor” have any sub-tags that are applied to those images?

Thanks for the suggestion; but, No, Antique Tractor does not have nor ever did have any subtags beneath it.

Now that I have all the images that actually did have the tag properly identified and tagged otherwise, and the counter says (0), I first thought I would just shut my eyes, cover my face, and Delete it; however, just in the last few seconds, it came in my mind to first rename it to something like Elephant or WeedEater and see if those stubborn images still insist on showing up.

Did you try cleaning the database as I suggested in your “#2” thread?
And if you did, did it work?

It’s already hard enough to figure out such problems at a distance; if there’s no return on suggestions, it becomes impossible…
(Note tThat that doesn’t mean you have to try any of the suggestions, just some feedback would be nice)

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Not yet and I do apologize for lagging about it; but, I do have a good excuse = for the last several days/nights, I have had everything in a sixty-foot strip of the house moved/piled-in-the-way while I route at least a dozen runs of 6/3, 10/2 and 12/2 into a new auxilliary breaker box and out from that to various receptacles in the kitchen.

For the last several years, about three times a week, the wife would forget and turn on the microwave when some other appliance was on and throw the breaker, sending me out there in the cold and spider-webs to climb over a million things and reset the breaker.

When I get my task accomplished, there are going to be over twice the amount of outlets in the kitchen and every last one of them is going to be on it’s own circuit/breaker, plus a welder outlet in the ceiling to accomadate a new 5000-watt heater that UPS left on the porch today.

Running wire is tough work in brand-new construction; it is an absolute nightmare in a house that is lived in and has stuff piled in it to the point that we are about forced outside.

Each time I think the worst is over, it gets worse; it is good that I enjoy electrical work.

Sorry for such a long answer and I do fully intend to follow your suggestions and to follow up with the results.

Oh, I wasn’t suggesting you neglected it. But it might conceivably have had an impact on this problem as well.
And I find it usually more efficient to deal with one problem at the time :wink:

And yeah, modificiations in an existing house can be full of surprises, and painful, especially when you have to live there during the work… Good luck with the wiring (and be careful).

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Hope the electrical work goes well! I would recommend doing the database maintenance @rvietor recommended. (Just back up your database first!) That’s fixed some weird issues I had in the past with tags.

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