4.2 - unsupported input profile has been replaced

Hello All,
I hadn’t been watching these old scans for some time, and suddenly my Nikon LS5000 scans (tiff) show pink thumbnails, with the following warning:
“unsupported input profile has been replaced”
The same files open correctly in Shotwell.
I am on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, DT 4.2, and I’m pretty sure everything was fine on v3.8.
thanks for reading and advice,

What is the input profile you were using for your scans?

honestly I can’t remember, it was many years ago, but I have never had problems with older versions of DT

you might check you backups for files in your ~/.config/darktable/color/in directory that might got deleted

it seems I don’t have a ~/.config/darktable/color/in directory…

Still stuck with the problem.
I must correct myself, the files are DNGs, not TIFFs.
I wonder why Shotwell displays them correctly, without any sort of configuration (I never use Shotwell).

Shotwell is likely showing you the embedded jpeg, not some rendition of the raw data.

Is the input profile coded in the DNG? if so, how to “look inside” the file?