5D mk II images are strangely rendered


All my 5D mk II RAW pictures shot during an event are, when opened, kind of “negatived”…

Initially they look fine in the browser, but when I open them, they’re automatically rendered “negative”, and a .pp3 is automatically created.

The screenshot below shows exactly the problem. I isolated a picture, and a copy in /home/photo, and clicked the first. The 2nd one, not clicked, is still normal.

So I (Linux Ubuntu 18.04, latest RawTherapee (downloaded today))

  • removed all of ~/.config/RawTherapee
  • removed all of ~/.cache/RawTherapee
  • removed all *.pp3 to be sure
  • copied the pic and a copy into /home/photo, to be sure, again
    but the problem still occurs.

I don’t think the problem is with the picture

  • it opened correctly with other software
  • it opened correctly in the RawTherapee of 2017

Also, I opened older 10D RAWs with no problem.
And a very recent a7R3 RAW with no problem either.


I dunno exactly what is happening, perhaps some failure of the automatic tone curve matching, but the Tone curve #1 in your screenshot looks like it would produce that image. Try making that tone curve more reasonable.

It seems indeed that the auto-tone-curve has some trouble with the 5D II, or at least these pictures.

But changing the curve to something more classic linear, or slightly S shaped gives a darker image which, once highlighted, shows the same over saturated image as the screenshot.

add a one picture to topic note, please - we try to help

This is the picture
IMG_3767.CR2 (15.7 MB)

when i open file in RT section “raw” not working. may be something with data.

my file from Canon too

will to do something - if i`ll have results - write to you

My hack software couldn’t demosaic, libraw didn’t provide a CFAPattern. dcraw did demosaic successfully.

After I successfully opened the image, I could approximately reproduce the look with a green channel tone curve of the same shape as the RT curve in the screenshot…


I know what he problem - RT dont understand low size RAW (from Canon - its right). You can`t to do something with photo in RT. Your photo in low size RAW - right?

This is probably a compressed RAW file, which is not yet supported in RawTherapee.

This is probably a compressed RAW file, which is not yet supported in RawTherapee

This is a direct RAW file from the 5D mark II, from a camera released in 2008!
(Does the 5D2 have compressed RAW files? Anyway this one is definitely not compressed)

And, as mentioned in a previous comment, the same picture worked in 2017!

So, I compiled the source from 5.3 and…

it works using RawTherapee 5.3 (same pic, same place, after removing all .pp3 and config/cache files, as I did with 5.8)

It seems to be a bug in 5.8
(or, possibly in a library used by RT - note that I compiled using the latest libs available for Ubuntu 18.04, maybe that made a difference)

Edit +20 minutes:
I compiled 5.8 from source (install in /usr/local, after removing 5.3), using the same libs (as for 5.3) and
-> same problem as with the AppImage
-> so the problem is likely in RawTherapee

RawTherapee 5.3 screenshot:

PS O:\> & '.\exiftool(-k).exe' .\IMG_3767.CR2 | grep SRAW
-- press ENTER --

SRAW Quality                    : sRAW1 (mRAW)

So this image is not a full-size mosaiced RAW at all. There was an issue with processing these files that was discovered just after the release of RT 5.8. It has been fixed in the nightly builds since February: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues/5638

I cannot reproduce your issue when building from the current source. I assume something is not going correctly in building or running.

Edit: @Kouign-amann you could try one of the nightly builds here: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/releases/tag/nightly

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Thanks, great help.
Indeed the RAW is not compressed but is a “medium RAW” (half the pixels), and, tbh, completely forgot I shot this particular event in the mRAW format 3 years ago.

And confirmed: the latest build works fine with this mRAW format!

(hopefully a stable release coming soon…)

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