60th World Press Photo Contest Results

(Pat David) #1

The winners for the 2017 WPP contest were recently announced:


The Photo of the Year winner is a little rough, Burhan Ozbilici’s assasination photo (I hear this was a bit of a contentious choice between the judges):

The rest are good, and there are some poignant images. Then there’s also the not as poignant First Prize for Sports Singles (Tom Jenkins): :smiley:

The rest are worth perusing as well!


There’s a surprising amount of tonemapping going on in many of these photos. I had no idea how common that was in photojournalism, but it’s fairly easy to spot.

(Pat David) #3

I thought that too. It seems like some of it is in the more ‘long-form’ type of categories (like ‘Contemporary Issues’).

Also, wow: