A bit of peace and quiet

Moons are tricky - kept the detail there but lost it elsewhere, houses gone all mushy (starts to break down before 100%)
Exposure’s pretty much as seen - sun sat behind me about an hour ago. It might be blue hour but those blues can get out of control pretty quickly
Thoughts and comments on alternate methods of keeping the noise down.
2 instances of denoise profiled - wavelets & NLM. Blend modes???
Set up camera for Magic Lantern dual ISO but have no idea where DNGs go after passing through CR2HDR… Maybe it just doesnt work on win10?
Then remembered @patdavid article here on median stacking but might need directions to a walk through for numpties (got it to work years ago but that was years ago)
Anyhoo, have fun with the RAW

_MG_8597.CR2 (19.5 MB)
_MG_8597.CR2.xmp (24.4 KB)

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Here is my edit for the image.

First I set White Balance to Daylight to capture what I would regard as the ‘natural light’

I did two instances of exposure. The first for the global scene and the second for the moon. I used a drawn and parametric mask combination to select just the moon and applied a very small amount of blur and feathering to the mask.

Chromatic aberration around the moon was an issue I noticed and tackled that with the various CA options.

There was an obvious hot pixel (red) in the foreground so I applied the hot pixels module and problem solved.

Filmic auto tune levels resulted in an excessively bright moon so I set the white slider to my own preference

I used the shadow highlights module in moderation. I appreciate others might have chosen to use the tone equalizer module.

I saw no problems with noise on my 43 inch monitor so I was happy with the default denoise (profiled) option. I also added some basic colorfullness and did initial sharpening using the diffuse or sharpen anti-aliasing preset.

_MG_8597.CR2.xmp (14.1 KB)

Lovely image. I used two presets for noise reduction - chroma and luma. Kept it subtle as I don’t mind luma noise, but can always adjust strength to taste.

peace-and-quiet-_MG_8597.CR2.xmp (17.9 KB)
dt 4.0.1

… and another funky edit.

_MG_8597_01.CR2.xmp (143.7 KB)

Some rather heavy editing.
The moon was tricky. Didn’t like the color of the sky. Plus a bit of channel mixing.
Thank you for the picture!


My version…

_MG_8597.CR2.xmp (15.9 KB)

A great shot. Thanks for sharing. A very quick play in GIMP.

Darktable 4.0.1

_MG_8597.CR2.xmp (30,6 KB)

What can I say? Oh yea - AARRAGGHH MY EYES!!!

Do like the attempt to bring colour out in the sky though

Fair enough,

that was probably overdone :man_shrugging:

…and some kind of fog at the hills :slight_smile: