A bright cityscape

Hi everyone,
here’s one more for your feedback. This was taken about two years ago, in a place very far from home… anyone willing to guess? :slight_smile:
C&C very welcome!


I like this picture, would look cool printed as a poster on a wall.

Constructive criticism:

  • The overall brightness is dark on the left side and bright on the right side, i would correct that
  • I would do more noise reduction. Since the image lives from the buildings contours you won’t loose many details.
  • The water reflections are interesting. I would give them more room in the picture. If the image has not been cropped out you could stretch the water and move the buildings more to the mid of the image.
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Not really good at guessing skylines. I wonder what has changed since then.

If possible:

  • move the waterline more towards the lower 1/3 line to let us get more reflection
  • get rid of a bit of sky, not much going on
  • embellish the blue/monochrome feeling that already exists.

I agree that more water would have been nice. I actually like that much sky.

I like the idea, and the choice of colors with the buildings feels like somewhere between Enter the Dragon and Blade Runner.

What I would do differently:

  • The aspect ratio is too wide for my taste, I can’t see it full-screen so I’m missing out. I’d use a different aspect ratio.
  • The left 1/3rd doesn’t play along well with the right 2/3rds, so I would discard the left 1/3rd and recompose on the right side, with a bit more of what’s missing if possible, like this:

  • The noise is fine, but I see linear noise patterns which are distracting.
  • Could be interesting using some sort of noise reduction which leaves sharp edges but obliterates the detail.
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Thanks everybody for the feedback, very valuable as usual!
I agree with having more water, but unfortunately that’s as much as I could get. Like most of my shots, this was taken in a hurry, without much planning – I just saw a nice scene and snapped it. Most of the time this doesn’t work, but sometimes I manage to capture something that I like :slight_smile:

Here’s a revised version that incorporates some of the feedback. I did not change the crop because I like it that way.

If someone feels like playing with it, here’s the raw:
DSC03368.ARW (23.6 MB) Creative Commons License

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DSC03368.ARW.xmp (8,9 KB)