a colored border around the thumbnails

Hello alberto
and first of all thank you for your work and this great software that is Art.
I just wanted to ask you if it is possible to have the equivalent of the color label, but as a colored border around the thumbnails in the file browser. it would be a bit like Digikam.
it would make sorting photos more readable than a simple point of color.

I’m not very familiar with digikam, can you show a mockup/example of what you mean?


here is a screenshot of digikam. I wanted to talk about the colored border that can be applied around the photo. it has the advantage (I think) of being clearer when sorting the photographs.

Thanks for the screenshot, it helps. However, I’m still not sure if implementing it is worth the effort… if you want to look at specific colour labels, there are already filters that you can use:

Did you try that?