A dedicated PeerTube instance for Pixls.us?

Hello there,

Over the years, I’ve noticed more and more interesting content in video format dedicated to free, libre and open-source software, and especially creativity-related software (think GIMP, darktable, Krita, Blender, Ardour, Godot, etc.).

Screencasts are indeed a really good way to teach things that, often, would be very hard to convey via written documentation.

However, unfortunately, most of these videos often end up on YouTube. I think it’s a shame to use a proprietary, centralized platform to promote the use of FLOSS, especially when we now have a good and decentralized alternative: PeerTube.

Now, there are a lot of PeerTube instances, but none of them are precisely aimed at people making screencasts and video tutorials for creative open-source software.

Would it make sense to have an hosted instance of PeerTube for the Pixls.us community, or maybe for the even broader creative community (to include, for instance, audio-related content?)

I think YouTube is highly effective in making content visible. A newcomer will never know to go to PeerTube, but they know YouTube.


We try had not to just host all.the things, as maintenance and upkeep takes time. We basically have two people doing that at the moment, @darix and @andabata

I don’t think we should stretch them any thinner.

It’s true, but this is because Google is deeply invested in the attention economy. By using YouTube, creators become complicit to that, in a way.

Creators can actually still use YouTube if they want to (for better visibility), but PeerTube has features to duplicate YouTube videos, which means you can easily setup a workflow where you upload the video once (to YouTube) and it get replicated to the PeerTube instance. This is what Nick from the Linux Experiment is doing, I think.

Totally understandable. Maybe it would be interesting to discuss with existing instances then?

Sure. I’d think if people were interested they’d just find am instance and go for it.

Are there any PeerTube instances already in existance that cater for photography in general? I’ve looked around, but haven’t found any so far. I’m aware of some Linux/FOSS ones, though.

Not that I’m aware of!

Not been familiar with PeerTube I don’t now what is an instance, however just browsing PeerTube for “photo” resulted in many hits, and one of them has several videos on photo styles as well as some on working with darktable. Here is the link Nicolas Tissot — Vidéo . Sorry if I am off track.

You can use Sepia Search to look for instances or channels that might be of interest.

For instance:

Those yield pretty interesting results (including stuff in French, sorry :)).