A double Exposure Pseudo-Raw

This photo is a radiometrically accurate double exposure done in Siril, then converted into a DNG using Imagemagick and Exiftool. This workflow was originally contrived for creating master dark frames for shooting raw video, but realized a few weeks ago, it could be used to perfectly simulate an in camera double exposure, assuming there is no clipped highlights.

The DNG is the pseudo-raw, and the .ARW files are the source raws. Like a real double exposure, I have to match the exposure settings of each image in camera even though the combining is technically done in post.

double_exposure_stacked_2.dng.pp3 (12.4 KB)
double_exposure_stacked_2.dng (46.3 MB)
DSC03135.ARW (23.9 MB)
DSC01441.ARW (23.6 MB)
This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.

I liked the second image:

DSC01441.ARW.xmp (20.1 KB, dt3.1)