A Forum


A Forum

For Discourse, if you will...

After much hard work, that basically consisted of me annoying darix as often as possible, I am glad to say that we finally have a Discourse instance set up! Super Big thank you to darix for all the help!

So What?

What does this mean? For starters, we now have a forum/community in place that we can start building around photography and free software.

A neat side-effect of this forum is that we now also have a way to embed forum threads as comments on posts (only blogposts at the moment - I’ll add them to articles shortly).

At the bottom of any blog post you should now either see a series of conversations happening with a Continue Discussion or a link to Start Discussion. Either of those buttons will take you to the actual forum to continue the conversation. Replies to topics that are tied to posts will show up as a conversation at the bottom of the post (check the bottom of this post).

The site is open and live at the moment (if a bit bare-bones). Feel free to drop by and create an account, comment on things, start new topics, etc. I’m testing things out at the moment to see if I need to possibly bump the server specs in order to handle the loads (most likely). (In the course of writing this, I went ahead and bumped the server RAM to 2GB - so it should run smoothly).

This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at https://pixls.us/blog/2015/04/a-forum/

This is what a reply on the topic looks like. :smile:

Congratulations! Definitely a forum I’ll check very often :smiley:

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Well, it’s an easy way to give/receive feedback :slight_smile: We’ll have to see how well it behaves with large images and stuff.


@Carmelo_DrRaw, I hope so! We may just need to have a category specifically for PhotoFlow! :wink:

@randunel, things appear stable for the moment, so I am crossing my fingers! Just don’t upload your portfolios to the forums yet…

I could note ask better than a photoflow section… that would be certainly a big boost in visibility!

It will mean that it will become the main support mechanism for problems with PhotoFlow as you don’t seem to have one at the moment.

Well, honestly I hope that Patrick’s forum will not be spammed with discussions on issues… for the moment I’m using GitHub’s issue tracker for that, and it works quite nicely.

What I would like to see are exaples of image edits, descriptions of new techniques, or sharing of useful presets… let’s see!

Indeed, this is my hope as well!

Oh no another new forum to check daily, but this one should get interesting very quickly. I already saw a couple of interesting discussions.

One thing I did not see was a way to PM another user, or did I miss it?

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click on the username and it will give you a popup which includes a button for PMs

Thanks. I tried that and could not see a message link. Must be old age or drink, I see it now.

Brand new users can’t send private messages by default. Once they’ve spent a little time checking out the forum, they’ll get to the next trust level and be able to then (as well as attach images or links to posts).

and now we have SSL \o/