A galloping horse, and a flying swan (Water drop photography)

Going through my 300 odd images from my evening using my water drop setup, I found another couple of nice captures!

One looks a bit like a galloping horse, and the other like a flying swan! IMG_6388 IMG_6389


These are cool! Especially the horse.

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Thank you @paperdigits! I was actually looking through the 300 odd images from the shoot, to see what I could delete to save drive space. Glad I found these though before they got binned!

Water drop photography certainly is fun, and zen like, as you never really know what you are going to get!

This is what we call pareidolia. I really like the photographs. Has contrasting colors and a nic e balance of shades/lighting.


300! You could probably tell a story with them. :slight_smile:

Such wow! Nonlinear and energy defying!

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Lol, these didn’t score very well by the judge from my local photographic association! :rofl: He said they would have scored better being a “traditional” water splash shape… :roll_eyes:

Oh no! That sounds pretty silly.


@paperdigits, indeed. No doubt if I had submitted an image showing a more “traditional” mushroom shaped water drop, he’d have marked it down for looking to similar to other water drop images!

Anyway, I have fun making them, and that’s all that matters!


That horse one’s fantastic. Sure does look like a real drop so if not, hat’s off for nailing this one. If this was a straight capture, then hat’s off for taking a one in a million one. :slight_smile:

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