A horse at an art gallery

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I have noticed that both in camera jpeg and in the raw files there were these weird color casts (magenta and red) at the edges of the building and the head of the horse. Does anyone know why this are caused and how I could have avoided them when shooting?

I got my first camera a few days ago so there is still lots to learn :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also first time posting one of my images in the blog. Feel free to give me any comments for my shot and my edit! :slight_smile:

That’s lateral chromatic aberration and you can avoid it when shooting only by using better quality lenses.

You can mostly correct it in post with Lensfun profiled CA correction, or in non-darktable open-source editors there’s fantastic Auto CA Correction.


I thought that it was chromatic abberation but I was not too sure. I ended up correcting it using masks over the areas that were affected and the channel mixer. But I guess it would have been easier to use the chromatic abberation module :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As for the lens it is not a possibility right now but definately in the future!

EDIT: I have noticed that the lens correction module improved the situation considerably

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dt 3.6

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Here is another example where it is interesting to use the gradient filter module to lighten the lower part of the image:

The result with RT 5.8-dev:

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Edit gradient → graduated

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