A large panorama

Hello! Long time since I’ve posted here, being more busy with music engineering and video editing…

I had the chance to travel to Venice again in early august this year, and I captured this large panorama of the Serenissima from the top of San Giorgio Maggiore campanile. Unfortunately I couldn’t spend too much time framing each shot correctly as the place was crowded and everyone was waiting their turn to get the view, but I did the the best I could.

The process:

  • export from raw files (Fujifilm X-T3) as 16-bit TIFF images in ART
  • stitching the 26 frames in Hugin and resizing to 16-bit TIFF panorama
  • color/exposure in ART
  • final cloning/healing in Gimp and export to JPEG

I hope it okay to upload such a large image here, otherwise I’ll put the link to the image from my Google drive.

Edit: I forgot to clone out the many stuck pixels visible at the top of the image in the sky


At the bottom right, you can see the luxury hotel Cipriani, at the center the San Marco place (campanile, Palazzo Ducale, Ponte dei Sospiri), and to the extreme right the Giardini (currently hosting the biennale of architecture).