A little challenge

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Phuiiii, This was difficult!
Here’s my best attempt, so far:

Nyhavn, ik’?

Claes fra Lund, Sverige

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dt 4.2

  • Right gradient mask to equalize the luminosity
  • Left gradient mask to equalize the saturation
  • One dedicated mask for the pillar
  • Lots of small color RGB adjustments
  • Blown highlights: trade off
  • Cropped to remove the purple lens flare

2022-12-27t12-14-00_2202.cr2.xmp (15,3 KB)

My fun GIMP_L-a-b

My try with RT

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Cheated a bit…

2022-12-27t12-14-00_2202.cr2.xmp (21.3 KB)
Used sky from ON1 with watermark module… not sure I can share the sky but subst any sky you have in watermark and it should render …


My final version:

2022-12-27t12-14-00_2202.cr2.xmp (11.5 KB)

Darktable with Sigmoid. Think I managed it pretty well.


Hi, this is my version using the new sigmoid display transform module. It works well with overexposed areas. Maybe because it desaturates the highlights more?

Tonecurve & color look up table are from the ClassicChrome style from Do you want a straight out of camera JPEG style in darktable? Here we help each other - #85 by herbert-50

2022-12-27t12-14-00_2202.cr2.xmp (29.9 KB)

That looks fairly similar to my first attempt, where, without meaning to, I ended up with something very close to the camera jpeg.

The closer crop you have does improve the composition.

Had no idea you could do that, it does a good job of it.

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My version…

2022-12-27t12-14-00_2202.cr2.xmp (17.4 KB)

Per our conversation in matrix, this was not a little challenge. :slight_smile:

I think the focus of the image should be the rowing, so I chose not to even try to recover the sky. The water closer to the camera is also not that interesting, therefore the cropping.

I like this approach! The challenge was quite an up hill one :grinning: I simply gave up.

I just cheated and replaced the sky it was too far gone… :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried drastic replacement like this but it is certainly an interesting approach utilizing the watermark. There maybe other good uses of it too.

Indeed when I first looked at it my reaction was wow - how did you do it? :grinning:

Given the starting point this is very good indeed!

For the water it was some quick and dirty cloning and then just mask the sky and use the watermark. I have used it before… The mask can usually be pretty convincing…

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Yeah, the image is a bit blown :laughing: nice challenge, thank you :+1:

2022-12-27t12-14-00_2202.cr2.xmp (13.0 KB)

This is a nice example for “sometimes inpaint opposed fails” due to the global chroma correction.

  1. Use basic modules and disable filmic/sigmoid.

  2. reduce exposure until the blown out parts are not completely white any more

  3. Observe the wrong colors in the sky

  4. Switch on segmentation based … voila, most casts gone and much easier to proceed developing.


I enjoyed this image - and I actually think that it’s not all that much over exposed! Mind you, I found @hannoschwalm 's tip very helpful. But I think the details in the people crossing the bridge are very nice, and the sky looks quite natural in my edit (IMO obviously!) Sigmoid by the way.

2022-12-27t12-14-00_2202(1).cr2.xmp (17.7 KB)
PS I like the Christmas hat the lady in the stern of the boat is wearing :slightly_smiling_face: