A little GMIC magic with the "barbouillage" filter

I haven’t used this filter much in the past especially because it is a resource and processor-heavy filter and has even succeeded in crashing my PC at times. I’ve experimented with running it from a bash script and also with applying the effect to various downsized versions of a 24 megapixel image. It turns out downsizing the image to 2/3 of its dimensions restricts the resource-hunger of this particular filter to acceptable proportions but also has the most pleasing end result. Smaller and the image becomes almost unrecognizably abstract, larger and the barbouillage effect becomes hard to notice.


let "nbfiles = $#"
ref=$(kdialog --title "Barbouillage" --progressbar "(Initialising ...)" 15)
qdbus $ref Set org.kde.kdialog.ProgressDialog maximum $nbfiles
for i in "$@";do
	if [ -f "$i" ];then
            let "compteur +=1"

    echo $i
    echo $local
    convert  $i -filter lanczos -resize 66% $FILE_NO_EXT-presize.jpg
    gmic -i $FILE_NO_EXT-presize.jpg -samj_Barbouillage_Paint_Daub 2,2,100,0.2,1,4,1,0,8 -o $FILE_NO_EXT-presize1.jpg
    convert  $FILE_NO_EXT-presize1.jpg -filter lanczos -resize 150% $FILE_NO_EXT-barbouillage66.jpg
    rm -f $FILE_NO_EXT-presize1.jpg
    rm -f $FILE_NO_EXT-presize.jpg

    qdbus $ref setLabelText "Barbouillage: image created: `basename "$FILE"` ($compteur of $nbfiles files)"
    qdbus $ref Set org.kde.kdialog.ProgressDialog value $compteur

qdbus $ref close



These sample images look great! I love it!

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It has a nice effect on flora!

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Reminiscent of styles of Van Gogh or Edvard Munch

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I was about to say the same. It’s a very interesting effect, and the rendering is very pleasing to the eye. I find myself zooming in and admiring the images in closer detail. Very nice.

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