A meditating dragon fly...

Thank you folks for the nice edits. I do see the additional refinements.
Will study the sidecars.

@Jade_NL - The local adjustments are on but no tool selected? So no change made there, right?


I used 4 spots in the Local Adjustment section, which have a rather significant influence: 2 Color Appearance spots and 2 excluding spots.

You do need the latest development version that includes the new Local adjustment Cam16 & Jzazbz tool.

The latest Linux appimage does, but I’m not sure if the OSX and/or Windows development versions already have them.

EDIT: If I look at the OSX/Windows images I see 3065, so they should include this new LA tool.

Hi @arvindppixls.us,

I attempted a black & white version. My goal was to focus on the dragon fly and show the structure of the wings :wink:


DSCN3623.NRW.xmp (27.5 KB)

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This is a levelling dilemma:
some have rotated the image so
that the “ground” that the dragon fly
rests on is level — however, I thought
it was nicer to level the wings.

Also: my interpretation was harder,
while the softer ones showed more nuances…

Perhaps that is why there are about half a million
of ways to develop an image?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Yes, it is very interesting. Thank you @fireball.
This reminds me that I should also try a few GMIC color presets.

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Oh, my appimage is RawTherapee_dev_5.8-2995-g166538d_20210614.
I should get the latest. Will check. Thanks @Jade_NL for the clarification.

BTW - Whats the method to get an alert if and when a new appimage is available?

Few words about my experience with this camera - if this is not the right section to publish this, my apologies.

This Nikon Coolpix P950 superzoom with its 24-2000mm zoom is proving to be very versatile and useful for me as an amateur photographer. For birding, macro and almost everything else. Apart from such macro shots, I could also get a zoomed in picture of Mt Everest from an aisle seat in the plane (attached). So the versatility is obvious.

What I like most (apart from its massive zoom which is well published) is its ability to effortlessly do manual focus using a side drum. When they added raw capability in this model, they very thoughtfully added this side drum
that makes manual focusing effortless with peaking indication. I feel this too is a strong reason to get this camera apart from other obvious features like super-zoom.

Of course, it simply and obviously cannot match the sophisticated DSLRs and lenses in terms of picture quality. Its a tiny sensor with a fixed zoom. But amateur photographers mostly restricted to small screens and desktops (like me) should find it extremely high value for money.


Not sure if this works for Lawrence37’s auto generated image, but GitHub has a Watch functionality:

Set that to All Activity will probably get you notified. Then again; It will notify you of everything…

As you can see mine is set to Custom (and then to Releases, but this only notifies you of official, stable releases.

Alternatively you could write a small script that runs via crontab.

You can run rawtherapee -v to get the version you are currently running (make sure you use the development version. you seem to run both stable and development). Use wget or curl to grab RawTherapee-dev-x86_64-version.txt. Compare and create a message when not the same.

EDIT: About your Nikon Coolpix P950:

If you want/need better support in RawTherapee, or help the community in general, you might want to have a look at @Thanatomanic’s post right here.

Thank you @Jade_NL for the guidance. I will check this out.

Re: Coolpix P950 raw files support - I followed the specified process last year and am happy to report that the entries corresponding to this camera had started appearing in the camconst.json file as a result. That was awesome support indeed.

@Jade_NL - I did install RTDev3065 and used your pp3. The result is stupendous… thank you. Hope the new filters/controls within the Local Adjustments (cam16++) would appear in documentation somewhere soon…:slight_smile:


Yeah, the Local adjustment Cam16 & Jzazbz tool is rather nice.

A shout-out to Jacques/@jdc for making this happen :+1:

EDIT: Did you post the correct edit or are you just showing that your latest install can handle my sidecar? The one you posted above looks suspiciously like mine (I did some spot removal, that spot is also not visible in the above image).


Thank you Jacques both for this beautiful treatment and for the compliment, I really appreciate it.




Various link in Rawpedia about Cam or Colorimetry






And, if you can compile a branch
where you find improvements to the HDR functions : “Sigmoid Jz” and “Sigmoid Cam16”, “Log encoding Jz” and “Log encoding Q” (cam16)


Just applied your pp3 to the raw file. No other change.

@jdc - thanks from me too… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @jdc… My list of “to know” in RT has suddenly expanded… :grin:

DSCN3623.NRW.pp3 (15.1 KB)

Interesting color choice - Green and yellow ochre… Thank you @age for the nice edit.


Which working profile did you use? It shows up “empty”, so I’m assuming it isn’t one that is native to RawTherapee.

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It’s prophoto with d55 white point

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