RawTheapee and Sony FX3

I bought a Sony FX3
I made photos in RAW format but when I open it with RawTherapee 5.8 the display is incorrect (screenshot below).

it should look something like this

Here is the raw file :
DSC00714.ARW (11.0 MB)

can someone help me fix the problem?

thank you


RawTherapee does not have a profile for this camera yet. You might consider helping out and create and upload a DCP profile.

According to Wikipedia the FX3 is based on the Sony α7S III / ILCE-7SM3. They both have the same sensor and the specs are very similar.

There is a profile for the α7S III, you could try using that one until a profile specific for you type/model comes available.

First step could be to adjust raw black points.

Combining the profile from the α7S III, @heckflosse’s black point correction and a bit of exposure compensation I end up with this:

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Thank you for your answers. Sorry for the naive question but I am a novice in raw processing and rawtherapee…

I am a mac user : OSX 11.4 and M1.

Where can I find the DCP profile α7S III? How do I install it? Is it interpreted automatically ?

In the Colour Tab there’s a Colour Management section:

Tick Custom and click on (None). You are presented with a new window with a bunch of dcp profiles:

The problem is, I just noticed, that this specific profile is not part of the latest RawTherapee (I think I got it from ART). So you need to do the following first:

Download and place this file: SONY ILCE-7SM3.dcp (63.8 KB) into the directory shown in the above screenprint (on Linux it says: opt rawtherapee dcpprofiles as shown above. Not sure what it is on a mac).

Once that is done you might have to restart RawTherapee, not sure. If it shows up in the list, you can now select it.

Hope this is clear enough, if not: Don’t hesitate to ask.

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Thank you Jacques, it works.
it’s just not easy for me to understand why I have to readjust the black point correction when I use the right DCP profile of the camera…I clearly lack theoretical knowledge about this workflow.

You’re welcome!

I’m not an expert, but I do believe that the Raw Black (and Raw White) points are part of the demosaicing steps and they are not part of the colour profiles. I’m sure that Ingo, being RT’s demosaicing man, will correct me if I’m wrong about this :grin:

Hi @Bebert, you could read Adding Support for New Raw Formats - RawPedia and How to create DCP color profiles - RawPedia if you want to know more, but perhaps it’s a bit too technical.

In any case, if you want us to improve camera support, the minimal thing you can do is to take the following shots and share them here.

  1. Completely black (lens-cap on), lowest ISO, aperture irrelevant, shutter speed ~1/10 s
  2. Completely white (against bright sky for example), lowest ISO, aperture irrelevant, shutter speed (long enough to overexpose, but not more than 0,5 s)

For more refined support, please read the linked articles and provide the mentioned shots as well.

This is true: the raw black and white are a sort-of scaling factors that need to be applied before you can even think about having a properly working DCP profile.

Just FYI you can set these two things once. Save a partial profile (ctrl+click on little floppy disk icon top right) and tick checkboxes corresponding to colour profile and raw black point before saving a profiles. By going preferences > dynamic profiles you can then chose this profile to be applied automatically to your camera. You need to type exactly the cameraname the rawtherapee info box gives you in the editor.